TradingView Tutorial Part 1 – How to Setup TradingView Charts and Customize Preferences

In part 1 of this TradingView tutorial series we will show you how to setup TradingView and how to customize your charts and preferences to make it suit your style and needs.

You will learn how to configure tradingview to work with your style and liking.

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xs11cruiser says:

Just signed up.Very helpful video so far. Got me started OK.


Very informative. Would like to learn more as I am a beginer

dimitris natsis says:

thanks , very usefull your help, can you please tell me what price action is ? is there an action price indicator in tradingview ?

Jo Murphy says:

Loved this…So informative. Saves me so much trial and error.
Sincere thanks, Jo

crypto inthai says:

How do I get the price scale on the right axis? On the BTC / USD chart I only seem to have numbers in 10,000 increments. Have tried right clicking on settings and going through those….have also tried resetting scale…. any help most appreciated.

Random Person says:

This site is driving me nuts. I can’t seem to get the entire chart to come up as yours does, the only option is to go full screen on the chat which then takes all the options on the side away.

Gman Dman says:

Also you’re a god for making these videos, thanks!

Double R says:

I’m band new to trading. Like really brand new. Is there a ground floor entry level trading program available? thanks. …By the way your analysis in bitcoin over the past 2 weeks saved me a lot of money. Lol. Well done.

irxproductions says:

Absolutely fantastic tutorial! I started charting with Qcharts more than a decade ago and love TradingView – it’s better and WAY more affordable. You’ve made a great video for people who have no experience, but it was useful for me just to learn where TradingView keeps its tools. Thanks so much! 🙂

Thomas Scott says:

I like the substance of your presentation but have a couple of issues with this video…
At 57 seconds you state that we can open charts on three different devices, This is not the case for the free version or the Pro or the Pro Plus subscription service. In fact you have to go to the expensive Premium service to be able to open on more than 2 devices. TriadingView don’t care whether you are only using one device or internet browser, every instance of using a different browser and/or device requires additional subscription. This very fact ramps up the cost and radically reduces the convenience since most people these days use multiple devices and browsers to access information eg Smart phone, Tablet AND desktop along with the likes of MS Edge, Google Chrome, Safari etc
The delivery is so ADHD and frenetic that it is quite difficult to follow. Pacing the delivery a bit more would be less of a tease and easier to digest, especially as it is targeted at people who are likely relatively new to charting and the language used in relation to stock trading.

Steve Sheldon says:

I’ve had the pro plan for a couple of months but haven’t been able to do anything with it. But your 9-minute already gave me a a few aha moments. There is hope! On to Part 2 🙂

fabio krone says:

Hello, I really like your channel. Which platform do you use to trade in the stock market?

Dave No says:

the interface of the interactive chart is not the same for me, is this tutorial outdated ?

London Lad says:

Great intro video for the complete newcomer to Tradingview. Thank you!

j bloggs says:

Great tutorial, thanks.

Gloria Goldman says:

do u do fx?

lebba007 says:

Awesome video, thanks!


good trading chart and analysis

devhxpg says:

why do i have no volume on the bottom

AT ATA021 says:

Q: how can I see the chart from the beginning ?, because in BTC/USD show me only from 14.11.2017

Snow Bird says:

How do you turn the charts black?

Regi Fu says:

Thanks for this awesome tutorial. I wonder how you set up the nice daily vertical separator line.

PANTTERA1959 says:

Do you know how I can get my Candles back? I had them then I hit the x and they disappeared. In charts it shows Candles marked but they wont come back.

Verna stubbs says:

how do I remove all the info to show the chart as a full screen? I am using Windows 10.

Lori Favela says:

I need to learn this

William Buckley says:

Hi, how do you open multiple charts at the same time to be place on different monitors?

Gman Dman says:

How do you add in the daily vertical lines?

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