Trading With Degiro Tutorial

Learn how to open up a brokerage account & place your first trade.


sun light says:

I am with Degiro about one year and no problems. very low fee. but they do not offer currency trading. I am looking Extremely low Fee Currency Brokers just as Degiro for Stocks. Any Name?

Aaron Klever says:

So limit order, you don’t want to buy an apple stock for 107,50, but for 106. So you automaticaly buy the shares when the price is dropping. Sounds kinda ”dangerous” to buy shares when the price is dropping. Rather do some TA and buy them at the right time?

Tony John says:

Pump up the volume

Zak Powers says:

Can we have more Degiro tutorials please.

Sam Byrne says:

I take it your from Ireland judging by the accent, same as myself, I was looking into this firm as oppose to Davy I was just wondering how you find trading with them? I was attracted by really low fees but they seem dodgy. I would mainly be a value investor type guy, so il be investing for the long run, but just wondering is there maintance fees for the account and all and how do you find trading with them? Are they worth it also are you paying CGT per trade or ?

Apis Mellifera says:

Thanks for the upload. i am also look into degiro and it seem very straightforward.

Boris_XIII says:

Nice video, really helped to understand some things…thinking about opening an account on Degiro.

creativeidentity says:

when apple was $103 a share… jeeeesh good buy.

Dutch Chart Analysis says:

Do you have lever products?

Gabri Ele says:

volume please!

José Luis says:

NO TIENE CUENTA DEMOSTRACIÓN, te obliga a abrir una sin estar adaptado a su operativa ….eso no me da confianza en absoluto …a buscar otro Broker que no tenga miedo de que 1º prueben su plataforma , hay muchos por ahí

Craig Henehan says:

I’m new to trading and have been using demo accounts on plus 500 and when I open a position the buy rate is always lower than the sell rate putting my trade at a instant loss. I think this is what they take a fees? is that the same with degiro or do they charge a set amount per trade?

Mega Top Tens says:

How do you go short? i.e. make money when the stock price drops? please

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