Trading Platforms and Computer setup – Beginners lesson 5 of 8

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Work environment
Screen real estate
Cams setup
Nates setup
On the road
introduction to DAS
Walk thru of platform
Chart area and indicators
Level 2 and montage window
Placing a trade
Some platform Tips
Putting it all together
Computer + platform doesn’t mean trader
Next up: Brokers


Timothy Walvatne says:

Thanks Cam! Great Video!

Christophe Bour says:

Really love your work, this is quality teaching!

Fritzgerald Louis says:

what is the best lap top ,someome can trust ,for trading ,specially, daily trade?

nonshatter7 says:

This is a really good video with good clear and sensible advice. Very impressed.

Prithvi Mahesh says:

whens the next video of the series coming?

Jaytee Ali says:

What Lab top would you recommend to start off with? If you dont have enough room for your very own desktop

Rene Mauricio Bermudez says:

Any idea if the DAS Platform provides “Paper Trading” for beginners?

Aris Rod says:

This people are amazing, THANK YOU SO MUCH for everything you teach us. I have been looking for videos that teach me like a baby in youtube about trading and you guys are wonderful, worth every penny. I wish i could click millions of likes. by the way i love that beach view!!!!! getting there soon.

Triple V says:

Thank you for lesson 5!

Jaytee Ali says:

Thanks Cam will be joining IU soon and go make a name for myself, I am a beginner trader and I appreciate all you do brother your amazing

Kamil M. says:


24October 2016 says:


Jacob Carrasco says:

Soooo… did this project get dropped?

mindyourownbusiness says:

good job Cam! The PC specs really made my inner geek happy and i’m looking forward to the broker video.

John Smith says:

Take your time with the videos. You have been doing a great job, Cam. Thank you so much for these tutorials. The pace is perfect for me. Unlike any other lessons I’ve ever seen. You’re a great teacher!

The Goose says:

Great job as always, thank you Cam!!

ryan Doherty says:

brilliant videoo

CrimsonYeti says:

Bro… how much did that sexy 1 TB SSD cost you? $500 bucks? SSDs are life, fam.

Also, ToS from TDA is a fantastic free service for any account size. I recommend it for starters too. (If you don’t mind that $10 brokerage fee lol).

Charlie Valenzuela says:

Thanks Cam.  Really helpful on all these Vids!

RICH 852 says:

GREAT LESSON CAM, “but”…. it’s 2017, MACBOOK………..

Tanuj Gandhi says:

great work man
all i want to say is thanks for these lessons
these will be very helpful for starters like me

Thomas Pansing says:

Is DAS available on Mac platform – or web based so any PC or Mac can use?

Brian Lau says:

Good job! Tons of great learning materials here. Looking at the timeline, were these videos made more than a year ago?

NINJAN says:

5:10 = omg, lovely view.

Rene Mauricio Bermudez says:

Wow Cam, the view from your office is beautiful! What city are you guys in?

John Wayne says:

Thanks for the free videos.

The power of your machine is not relevant to someone who is just getting started into trading. Yes you explained why you need the rad setup but the point is moot to someone just starting out so all they really need is a laptop that can run their brokers software and maybe an external monitor. watching more than one trade at a time for a newbie might be too much because they need to get the swing of things before they have a set up like the bridge of the Star Ship Enterprise.

If that was my machine I would install the OS on a smaller solid state and get additional sold state drives for saving important files to, or with today’s machines you can set them up in a raid which would be the preferred method. Could storage is an option if you trust your financials there. I don’t.

Shannon Venglar says:

18 videos away from purchasing the bundle package. Love the videos!

Ato says:

Wow, thank you Cam. I will be contacting you very soon; I only have a paper trading account at the moment but I have had it for a while. Will give more details in email, just wanted to say you’re doing great!

Michael Patterson says:

I can’t get enough of this. This is exactly what I’ve been looking for since i started studying ony trading over a year ago. Thanks so much

Davis D says:

hi there, just wondering that does this apply to Australia market as well ?? or only US market? thankssssss

Henk says:

Do you have any suggestions for a free practice trading software?

Nalle Gjermis says:

Can always build your computer yourself and save 200-300USD

Marcus Chan says:

Thank you!!!

Ocean says:

great lessons..keep it up

Johnny Rendon says:

good stuff here!

Jett Estrella says:

is DAS available in Canada?

K T says:

i have literally taken notes on so far 5-6 pages front to back of notes lol im serious about this i’ve learned so much from you guys im 26 yrs old soon to be 27 in dec and im having a hard time figuring out who is free to use such as Etrade scottstrade tradeking

Ioan-Andrei Batinas says:

can you give the setup for das? i have a trial account and i would love if you gave the setup for your defferent windows. I saw you can import or save them in the file -> open/save desktop

Mich Engleman says:

Love the content. I subscribed here and went ahead and signed up for the pay content as well.

daniel mcgrane says:

With respect to the SSDs, I would highly recommend going with PCIe instead of SATA, you will see a huge difference in IO.

Remembering 1992 says:

You guys are crooks and con men.  There is no secret strategy or technique to consistently beat the market.  So then, what are you selling?

LU says:

which das package would you recommend for someone new with limited funds?
can you buy/sell stock on das inc yourself, or do you need a broker to do it for you?

K. Jay Romano says:

Very helpful video. It was great that you showed us the laptop monitor extension. I only have a laptop and knowing now that I can add a monitor to it takes the pressure off buying a complete desktop setup. Thank you!

Joseph JOOOSEEE says:


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