TradeKing Trading Platform Review, Tutorial, and Tour (Part 2)

TradeKing Trading Platform Review, Tutorial, and Tour (Part 2)

In this video review I go in detail over the TradeKing platform giving you a review, tutorial, and tour of the platform.

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Max Dumont says:

I just want to talk about the Questrade plateform, I am totaly new to trading, but I just started with the IQ Edge practice account from Questrade and it is incredibly user friendly. I have made some research about them and they had many bad reviews for some reasons. This was in 2013 for most of them and some other people says its much better now. Like I said its very user friendly and fun to use compare to many others. I tried the VB, Virtual Broker practice account and it was not even closed of being as good. I am still learning and looking for my first platform, I have looked over 20 different one so far. You should look into Questrade and make video about it.

miamisburg1985 says:

It is possible to open an account with my ITIN?,


Bought your book ‘start trading stocks’ , really good! Keep up the good videos as well

Snowfirel says:

Don’t leave and not close the TK account folks because when you return you will be slapped with a 50.00 inactivity charge, they turned out to be rotten, gal told me if I send in 5000. that she would “remove the charge.” I think I will just take the money I sent in for my stock purchase, I can not believe it, I had that account since they first started in feb. or 2006.

Adlin Ling says:

I used to be with TradeKing.  I have since moved to Interactive Brokers.  I like IB’s trading platform better.  Their commissions are lower too.

LeSteezxD says:

all thats missing for me is a live feed of trades/offers

Matthew Fallarme says:

Does tradeking offer real time trades?

ls92101 says:

Nice video Sasha, been using TK for almost 2 years now but hadn’t tried TK Live until I watched your video. I Ssill use TC2000 for scans and a closer look at whats going on so I dont think I was missing anything per se but this is nicer. Thanks for your generous work. Lenny in SD.

Sahil Vihal says:

HI- does this give us option to trade in any market or only US market. by other i mean tsx, nse,bse, asx,sgx

mauro robles says:

minimum deposit amount?

unknown22919 says:

yo sasha can u tell me a little more about funding the account? the minimum, does that mean i have to put and keep that amount in the account?

Chan Lee says:

great job Hope you will give a chance and your time

Mario Alleyne says:

sasha didn’t have time to finish the video but you can short trade with this platform right?

BrideOfRocK nRoLL says:

You present really well. Thank you for this video.

nadyahhhhh says:

how can I short a stock on tradeking?

Hans G says:

Sasha, you mentioned this was one of your top 2 platforms you enjoyed. Would you mind telling us what your #1 is that you enjoy? Also, I have seen the Schwab StreetSmart Edge; what are your thoughts?

sandeezyful1 says:

Thank you so much for this, it’s really helpful 🙂

Eric Heinz says:

Hey Sasha, can you trade live on this platform? Trade

Robbie Mathis says:

Does tradeking have level2?

tvil1969 says:

Tradeking is good for buy and hold investors with a longer time frame but it’s not good for day trading or short term aggressive trading. I’ve been with tradeking for 10 years now and when I started I was a buy and hold investor with a longer time frame. However I’ve been more aggressive and short term over the last couple of years and Tradeking just cant fulfill my needs. But again, its good for a buy and hold investor.

mmb shit says:

Hey Sasha, can you trade penny stock with tradeking ?

Thunder_reid Thunder_reid says:

I hide something but don’t know how to get it back

jose hernandez says:

does it show level 2 charts?

Niko Questera says:

Hello. Does Tradeking software have Level 2? would you need other softwares after you use this?

miamisburg1985 says:

they is a price for using this platform?.

Nadia Bradley says:

can u make a video on short selling through tradeking, Sasha?

willcol6 says:

great videos sasha..I got a cuestion what do you think about trading right through the cell phone specially with tradeking thanks .

Mido Dido says:

thank you are my favorite teacher

aries74ism says:

Hey Sasha. Love your videos. Have you heard of robinhood app which offer free trades and 0 commission fees? Was wondering what your thought is.

Glen M says:

Thanks for the clear up close detailed presentation at a moderate tempo.

loading name says:

I have recently became interested in trading but I know little to nothing. These videos are explaining a lot of things and they are really awesome but when i look at the numbers and letters i find myself lost. Could you recomend a book for me to maybe read to help me as a beginner. Please.

naimul hoq says:

where do you find the symbols?

Wagner Mencia says:

hey sasha does tradeking have penny stocks?

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