TradeKing Options Platform Tutorial and Review (Part 3)

TradeKing Options Platform Review, Tutorial, and Overview

In this video, I go in detail about the TradeKing panel and how the options section works within TradeKing. If you are an options trader and are thinking about signing up to TradeKing – take a look at this options platform video overview.

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sooSad2Bad says:

Hey Sasha, very insightful and helpful video I was wondering what are you thoughts on CMC markets as a trading platform ? Would be great to get your thoughts.

Christian Burtnett says:

How would you day trade on Tradeking?

Marlène Ngango says:

Thank you very much for this video… is there anyway I can get in touch privately with you?

Mike Arnold says:

Who would give two farts about a few second time lag on option trade graphic. I don’t get it.

Royce Barber says:

Hi, do you have a part 1? When I search your youtube, I see part 2 and part 3. But no part 1. Could you please let me know if it’s available?

Pat Gannon says:

Sasha, do you think you will be updating this video since Ally took over TradeKing? I think all the functionality is there but completely different access. For example, Option Tools are now under Research rather than tools.

Kepler 101 says:

Great vide, thanks Sasha @TradersFly

Steven Sarty says:

The web based trade system has become significantly quicker than it used to be. Heads Up.

StockTradingMaster says:

Good stuff Sasha Evdakov I have a hard time believing that we are out of the woods in terms of the market sell-off.

Benjamin Burton says:

Review the Robinhood app.

kurtisrich says:

Great overview!

Will Yagi says:

Hi Sasha, I am curious what is your number one platform for stock traders? can you day trade on Trade King or TD Ameritrade brokers?

Chuck T. says:

Thank you for the video re: TradeKing Options. I began with Scottrade (meh…), moved to TD Ameritrade (Nice though pricey), now at TradeKing. Of the three, I have most enjoyed TradeKing. I’ve spent a couple years within basic stock trading and now interested in Options. Your review was very helpful and my current intent is to stay with TradeKing while getting my feet wet w/in Options.

I would be interested to know, since August 2015, any change of your personal rating for TradeKing Options trading? Your review had it 2nd to the TD Think or Swim.

Lersinev Languages says:

how can i register without a SSN?

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