ThinkorSwim Paper Money Tutorial – How to Use ThinkorSwim Paper Trading Account

In this ThinkorSwim paper money tutorial you’ll learn how to use the ThinkorSwim paper trading platform to make practice trades.

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Nándor Horváth says:

Paper trading gave me a better view of how trading works, but fortunately, i never papertrade.

Nándor Horváth says:

i learn’t how to trade on a hard way before i started to gain advance from advanced traders by visiting blog and Forex forum. till i met my mentor Dmitry Vladislav, then trading began to follow well for me using the right strategy and know when to gain support and having a strong stop loss.

Dakota Girl says:

which videos setting up to this video

Vaping vaper says:

You should mention that the day trade rule of 3 round trips in 5 days only applies to accounts under 25k USD. If you maintain over 25K, AFTER TRADES, the 3 day trade rule does not apply to you. This is to protect the uneducated investor from losing all their money and making bad decisions.

Jake Tran says:

dat 3 min intro ad

Kerrie O'Shea says:

Thank you so much for doing this.  I am a stay at home mom (all kids in school) and want to teach myself how to trade penny stocks in 2018.  What video would you recommend me view to understand what all the letters and abbreviations are in the Think or Swim software.  I’m set up and ready to learn.

Carman Singh says:

When day-trading fast moving stocks what is the best way to get a limit order executed at the price you want? At the end of a 5 minute candle?

seanruss693 says:

I’m doing limit orders and getting filled wayyyy below what I put the orders in for and way below what the ask or bid is… I don’t understand what I’m doing wrong.

J Rosen says:

They were very nice and accomodating when I requested to load up the Realtime data for my TOS papermoney. Im glad I get to practice today 7/03/2017. $1529 Profit for JNUG (i forgot to follow the PDT rule – only because I have $100k in Funds, But i  should’ve done it for best pyouractice).
Which INDICATORS do to guys recommend as part of good strategy to Buy/Sell? Right now im looking at Level II and RSI. I have the displacedEMA set up in the chart as well.

brad h says:

So, will this platform let me paper trade before funding an account?

rob_RT says:

Just called in right now. TDA states they cannot switch anyone over to realtime data UNLESS you are a professor or student of a university. The client service rep checked with his supervisor as well. Both said the same thing.

LK T says:

Hi there I just downloaded the TOS for Papertrading. I think theres some issues when paper trading, the limits and stops does not work…I buy a stock at 2.00 and set my stop at 1.75…. purchase fills at 2 and the few seconds later the stops fills without even going to to 1.75… it fills at 2….. anybody else experiencing this?

The Gladiator says:

is it possible to set paper money account to 5k balance ? thx

Bullish Bears says:

Just a heads up we do have a new platform! to join!

Michael Smith says:

Skip to 8:00

Yafet Teshome says:

This was so boring… write better speeches and stop talking about urself so much.. u did it for 7 n a half mins

Randall's Rest & Relaxation says:

Not to much about how to use this platform. Otherwise good video!

Hana says:

first 5 minutes of bs

silversurfer49 says:

I have been paper trading on TOS for about 2 weeks. I work full time so study time is limited. However in that time it has been only becoming familiar with the platform. Previously ( and still ) using Finviz Elite account, and picking some pretty good “paper trades” using their portfolio option, I am struggling with TOS platform.
I would appreciate you helping explain for example, when MYOS soared, what was the catalyst and where to find that apparent reason. Some tickers have month old news on TOS Live News. Thanks in advance and for this video!!

alexis williams says:


Batteries Not Included says:

Great, videos! Im a Newbie and I thank all of you for your time. Shooting for the day trading Dream can be a lesson in patients. HJR-192 and a Education in securities helps in a major way, to recognize who your really trading with… “Yourself” The market is based on failure not success, if it was vice versa it simply would not exist But, I give credit to credit for value due.
If i can make a recommendation TIP: Circle your courser because I trace to learn, “In other words” I follow your courser with my own.

Thank you Guys

squarebiz71 says:

It would be so nice if you could just get to the point

Gleason Simpson says:

Like the video, how do i get into your skype chatroom? TY

Drexler Oneal Cano says:

hey great video! if I call td ameritrade and request for live data, do they charge?

KillahKurlz says:

i thought this was a how to paper trade on tos not how to trade period. where does the paper trading start?

Will Rannikko says:

Doesn’t work when you tell them to make it real time

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