thinkorswim – Getting Started & Platform Layout – Welcome to the first video tutorial in our new thinkorswim platform course. In this video, I’ll help you get started loading up the platform and understanding the many different sections and sub-sections that make up this powerful options trading brokerage platform.


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– Kirk & The Option Alpha Team


Naveed A says:

Good stuff. Thank you.

Austin Bravo says:

do you still recommend thinkorswim even with this super expensive pricing?

Edgard M says:

Awesome Kirk, looking forward to all your education videos, You are a great teacher! I got your software, it helps!

ddullah says:

Thanks a billion Kirk! I’ve been waiting on this course. Amazing content.

Nascar 19822 says:

New to trading and this video was a big help for me to setup my account. I would like to know how do you trade Dividents or do you have a video on this, Thank you.

Jj Sweeney says:

very helpful

Kurtie7 says:

Yes, still learning …thank you OptionAlpha..

Elissa Jones says:

YES! finally! I’ve been searching and searching for a decent tutorial on this platform! I’ve been debating between TOS or Ninjatrader- just realized NT is $600 per year to use, so TOS it is! Now I need to learn it. Question: How do I know which order to watch these tutorials in?

Bill Kiele says:

It’ll be nice to get more of the ToS functions under my belt, especially with regards to option analysis. Most of it I’m already decent at, mostly recently.

Paresh Patel says:

Good summary. How can I download the platform ?

Josh Reed says:

Can’t wait for the rest of this. I belong to your site as a member. But I haven’t seen this.

Fenk Jones says:

Thinkorswim really sucks now. I have been with them for years and lost money on trades when TOS lags and freezes. They always have an excuse too, but the problem stays. That free trading app called Robinhood should end up getting TOS customers for swing trading since most info is free on the web, and many folks would rather trade for free that try and trade a lagging platform. Folks say you get bad fills on Robinhood but a slow platform also creates bad fill. No difference.

CaptainVictor says:


yo dawg says:

These videos… I love you.

Johnny D says:

I go into the chat rooms on the platform, trying to get familiar with lingo, etc. But you are right, there is a lot of noise and the more I listen the more I think there are basically guessing.

Kurtie7 says:

Thank you Kirk, Option Alpha…top shelf vids for those who really want to learn…Really Great…

eric neumeyer says:

This is going to be a great learning series thank you for your work!

Eray Acar says:

i just have started to paper day trading and this video is really helpful. thank you. will continue to watch.

Joe Najvar says:

This was very informative and helpful. Thank you for posting this!

Barry Azarcon says:

I’ve been on TOS for about 6 months and still learned some good stuff from this Kirk. Thanks.

Thomas 69383 says:

Do you have to fund an account on Think or Swim in order to paper trade on their platform ?

John D says:

How do I know what video follows this one?

Richard Spurlock says:

Thanks Kirk, just starting to use TOS, and you were the first video I looked at. Plan to watch the rest. Just starting to learn the options market. Thanks again

Miguel Rivera says:

Great video to get acquainted with the platform. Thanks

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