Plus500 Trading Platform Exposed: Review and Tutorial (2017)

A Plus500 review. What they don’t tell you! Ok. What do we have here? Plus500. A very simple trading platform that makes trading look like a game and basically targets small-time traders for low amounts. The company was founded in 2008 and is registered and located in Israel but also has offices in the UK, Cyprus and Australia.

What follows is an unbiased examination of the platform (do not take this as a recommendation to use Plus500). The Plus500 CFD trading platform, WebTrader, is available on the web as an online platform, Windows (as downloadable software), and on all mobile devices (Android and iOS) in 32 different languages worldwide. Plus500 clearly try to target themselves at the mainstream.


Reuben Eliahu says:

You are very right and I agree…

Anuar Ibrahim says:

big risk

Sharifa Parveen says:

thank u . it helped

Felicity Dawson says:

Very useful information in your video. Much appreciated.

Zeljko Kapustic says:

They are a scam. They won’t allow me to withdraw my funds even after the whole verification process. Be warned.

Baby Toys says:

Well, first i earned profit but due to i couldn’t verify the address, i continued trading and at the end lost the money. Its OK.

Secondly, I deposited money. Again couldn’t verify the address due to strict policies, I canceled the deposit and waiting for my refund. They agreed to return it. Hopefully will get it soon.

Thirdly, I am still trying to verify my address. Because I believe its a good broker. Only thing is there are certain policies that you should be aware of. I heard they block the accounts when you try to withdraw your profits. I asked the chat agent. He said that you are not allowed to do scalping or scalp trading. (Scalping in closing the trades within 2 mins). So if you close your trades after 2 mins then it is OK. They will review all your trading history and then will take decision. For your information.

Giovanni Messina says:

am using 500 plus platform
simple to use and yes the free limited demo is a good starting tool
a lot of time spent literally getting my address confirmed and c card details I would only deposit real money when all these parameters are realised only support offered are chat and email .
you can only lose what you have in your account
made money lost money
the proof will be when I make a profit and want to withdraw money
as far as i am aware no training and limited trading tools

Moldovan Sebastian says:

Plus500 is a big scam. Just read in their terms and conditions the fact that they take their info from 3rd entities, that can change the price that they send, and after all that, Plus500 can do that ALSO. The real price of the market can be one and they can show a different one.The market can have a real chart of prices, but Plus 500 will have another one. The way they trick people is that they change the price in such a way that they catch their customers in positions so they can lose. It’s the only company that you can’t speak with the people there, they are all hiding behind the terms and conditions that nobody understands in the true sense, and they have an army of lawyers to protect them. There are so many other platform out there with people willing to help, with communities of traders talking, and better deals for customers. I’ve been la customer here for years and now i’ve just realised the mistake i’ve made. Please don’t do the same mistake.

sol Preddie says:

lost everything with plus500

Steve Prescott says:

Thank you. Very informative. Seemed unbiased and helped me decide not to use this platform. I don’t want to trade and be worrying about risks with the provider. I need to concentrate on trading. Those that complain because they lose money with a particular provider perhaps should look first at their trading skills and strategies since isn’t that is how trades are won and lost.

pcb says:

very unhelpful company, any questions or disputes and they send you the same message over and over again, read the terms and conditions. i have noticed that the prices quoted on the platform are not even close to the real prices and movements on other platforms or quoted on tv. do not go near plus 500. give your money to a homeless person at least you will have the satisfaction of doing something good for someone and not getting ripped off. i also did not know this is an israeli company or i would not have used them.

Sharifa Parveen says:

the guy in plus500 chat room refused to explain how the platform works.

Hey Ho says:

I don’t really understand why people call them a SCAM. You people in the comments make it sound like they took your money.
Before you do anything related to investing on a new site, watch a guy like this or read EVERYTHING on the site before depositing money.
Safety first..

mon tissu says:

da goyim knows…shut it down

SusanneHornig says:

Thanks for sharing, they have a brillant website, but are criminals. Beware of Plus500 – it’s most definitly a SCAM. You will lose your money. These are very clever con artists. Don’t be fooled :-0

dionng77 says:

I had similar bad experiences.
1/ making it difficult to withdraw money
2/ rejecting deposits when it suits them ie positions going against trader and trader wants to deposit for hedging purposes
3/ manipulating spreads to stop traders out ie dynamic spread bullshit

pozionmynd says:

they are not a scam they offer CFDS and have a simple no frills platform, if you dont know what CFD is then why you trade here? There is no manipulation, they are regulated. There support is shit just outsourced but there underline system is fair and its not fair to say they are a scam.

Spudaldinho Inayini says:

The first minute of the video states ” Please do not take this as a recommendation to use Plus500……….” so going ahead means you are willing to eat and digest pros and cons

charlene says:

Great video. Very informative.

martin ettenes says:

I am grateful for the information given. Are you able to give your professional opinion on other forex brokers as well? I obviously subscribed. Thank you very much …

Waves Waves says:

If someone try to say plus500 is bullshit they work for someone benefits I learnt treading with plus500 still use near one year. Of course one stage I hate because I am greedy I lost money its nothing to do with them. Only issue is bit poor graphs . The withdrawal is so easy I do my withdraw on Friday Monday money is in my account.

John Smith says:

Please avoid Plus500 ( I have a very bad experience with withdrawal. First withdrawals went through nicely using my bank card. Then when I made some more profits and tried to withdraw a huge amount it never transferred to my bank card. I wrote tons of emails complaining about this, but only thing they gave me was a ARN number that they adviced me to track the transaction with the bank. But my bank officials (even head office branch) never aware of a ARN number and they requested a SWIFT copy for the transaction. When I requested many times for the SWIFT copy for the transaction from Plus500, they always sent me a system generated message saying that transaction went through successfully but always refused to provide me with a SWIFT copy. Then I realized I’m dealing with a world famous well known FCA authorized mafia fraud very smart SCAM company. It’s surprising that when I report and complain about plus500 to FCA and Action Fraud they too did NOTHING!!!! After so many emails and wasting my money to recover, finally they advised me to complain to Cyprus authorities!!! at one point it seems to me like FCA also protecting this big thief plus500 !!! Many traders tend to use plus500 because they see that this company is regulated by FCA too !!! and they tend to believe this is legit. But unfortunately under the protection of such government authorities these giant world famous SCAM companies like Plus500 are stealing money from poor users which is very inhuman and I once wrote a email to them saying that “by the name of the Israel’s GOD, one day you will be furnished !!!”.

Maarten van Rossem Lezingen says:

What about investing? Can you just buy a bunch of shares and sit on them?

I. sein says:

This complany is is “legal” scam. They dont let you hold position for a longer period (lets say 4 days). then they just let your position expire. If you want to buy or short again then you have to pay the spread difference again.

So to conclude: you would have to make profit in very short time while you start with a loss straight away.
In other words: dont do it.

Vinh Nguyen says:

plus500 is now down for maintanence for whole day and im screwed

Elisa Slaman says:

I’ve been playing with the platform for a while but it has some quircks. It s a nice way to get into trading.
Once you’ll get the hang of it, get rid of all your demo money except 200€ and try to double it within a week.

Quircks, realtime is a couple of seconds behind to other platforms like IG. So not always sure what price you buy in less when using limit.

Stoploss is not always correct. I have had stoplosses that were hit, but the bars and ticks never reached that price. This I think is a bad thing.

Nice to play and learn, not for precise accurate trading

Alicat says:

Thank you

Konstantinos Kompolitis says:


seanzscorpio says:

Urgh. Israeli, disgusting. Didn’t even know this. Pulling my money out immediately.

Relentile says:

How do I delete my account lmao?

FunnyCrapAndOthers says:

thank you very much for this video!
seems like i was very lucky that i left plus500 with + 561,-€
i am really new into this whole trading buisness and im looking for an trustfull website
can anybody recommend some legit trading platforms?
thanks very much

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