Lightspeed Platform Demo – Behind The Trades Ep. #3

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Lindi í Gerðum says:

any chance to get a comment on a platform named “Infront”

Louie Esteban says:

is this applicable on non us resident? I live in the Philippines. Filipino Citizen.

Mike Dee says:

can you do a setup of your eSignal charts

Frank Bellino says:

Hi Ross, what do you think of SureTrader NEW commission structure?

richard hanes says:

is there a way to remove time and sales from the level 2 window? i want it a separate pop out.

J Smooth says:

Hey Ross you said something about doing a video just like this one but with SureTrader. Do you have a link? I can’t find it anywhere.

Kyle M says:

Could you use Ameritrade for charting? Also when looking at charts from another platform, is the price action the same so that you’re buying and selling through your broker at the exact same price as the charting software compared to your trading platform?

Alejandro Moreno says:

Ross is there an advantage to changing the route? Like from arca to edgex or a smart route? Would it work the same if i just always use arca? Thanks in advance!

Adam Paxton says:

I could feel his pain

Mr. Bombastisch says:

“Did I REALLY make 6000$ in the simulator???” 56:35 Hahhaaaa. That was funny.

tstscorpion says:

I am not sure I am asking at the right venue, but I just opened an account at lightspeed and was informed (after opening the account) there IS a $100/month PLATFORM FEE (but will be credited towards commissions for that month),  I am not planning to trade right away, thus do not want to pay $100 per month.  Will stick with THINKorSWIM for now.  DO we know if there is a way to avoid a platform fee for LIGHTSPEED?  thanks

Tom says:

1st. I’m so quick the video only shows in 360p.

mjamesb80 says:

I cannot recommend Lightspeed. They were slow to respond and I had two issues where my platform was not showing account information and response to the issue was the following day. Nervous for a day trader. These issues gave the feel of amateurs behind a platform I recently closed the account and will choose a different platform. Also, I was given info to the Sterling Platform. I’m not clear why I did not get to use Lightspeed’s software. The mobile app is a available for download but not yet operational. Another downside that led me to my overall opinion of the company.

Steve says:

So what seems to work for you the best out of all the videos I have watched over the past year or so, is the gappers and then getting into the pullbacks after the first push. is this what you hae been finding ? I seem to make my most profits with this system myself.

lalotz says:

Hi Ross, how you doing? I want to ask if you will have another discount on your courses. Its tax season and I was looking to use my taxes to purchase the course. I register on your website but I wanted to ask. I hope you do.

Adrian Bell says:

What are the monthly Cost for LightSpeed Trader ??

Philipp w says:

The Hotkey setting you use with 0.05 cents above or below seems a little bit too much for me for this kind of Stocks. Whats the reason for you to choose 0.05 cents?

hba8103 says:

Trade Ideas can populate most any window. I am using Fantasy Stock Traders to paper trade and it populates the platform with no issues. I’ve also linked it to several different charting programs with no issue. It works well. See something. Double click and my trading and charting platforms respond.

chun tam says:

Can you do a setup of your current scanner setup? Thank you

TRY to HELP you says:

Did I really make 6 thousand dollars in the simulator?? Yes…. Yes you did! Haha… That was hilarious…

Talk Nerdy To Me says:

Topic of the day, the platform demo starts at 18:30

Jim Elson says:

From under 600 start to almost 41K in about 6 weeks? Really? Incredible!!

Metodo IVAE says:

What about stop orders with hot keys?

Archie Djabatey says:

thank you sir. are there a lot of shorts available? also is there a platform like tds active trader? td is great but you can’t short anything

Alex Podgornyy says:

Thanks Ross!

Adam Paxton says:

Ross getting frustrated scoring 6K in the demo had me cracking up

Jay Dingess says:

Ross, started training thru you and your Day Trading course. Getting closer to going full time. Want to ask you and talk to a lawyer and accountant regarding trading as an individual or as a business. Which do you do and what nets you more?

Archie Djabatey says:

is it easy to get in and out of trades with lightspeed? I love tds active trader, easy to enter and exit trades as prices are lined up. but I cant short with td

Robin Bobin says:

Hello guys! I’m using Lightspeed and can’t add symbols from to watchlist. I mean list of stocks for example, earning plays. Can you help me?

zjironman says:

So where do I see your statements?

John Smith says:

Hey I have never traded before but I like watching your videos and especially the market recaps just because its fun to follow your progress. How you decide if you should get into a trade right out of the gate or wait for a pull back? because it seems like most of the time they shoot up right away.

J Trade says:

Say you want to try a Lightspeed Demo Account. Is there any requirements (e.g. you have to have an existing 25’000$ account). Or do you have to pay the monthly 100$ platform fee?

Abraham Zheng says:

When customize hot key, what does it mean by “with position to close” and “without position to close”? Thank you!

Charles Brown says:

This guy is just too chatty about stuff no one cares about. How about doing the demo and stop talking about YOUI!

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