How To Use Questrade For Beginners (FULL WALKTHROUGH/TUTORIAL)

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In this video we will doing a full walkthrough of the online investment broker Questrade!


Intro – 0:01
Portfolio Summary – 1:07
Pre-Authorized Deposits – 3:17
Account Breakdown – 4:18
Placing A Trade – 11:16
Trading Page Overview – 16:09
Account Performance – 22:44
Concluding Thoughts – 24:30

My name is Brandon Beavis and I’ve been using the Questrade platform for almost a year now. I also became a fully licensed investment advisor when I turned 20, and even for someone like myself, the platform can be confusing…

In this video we will log into my account, check out the layout of the platform, go over how to make a trade, look at historical performance, we’ll cover it all!

Hopefully this tutorial can really help you get a better understanding of the Questrade platform. If there’s anything I missed during this walkthrough, please do let me know in the comment section below and I’ll do the best to get your questions answered for you!

The PROS & CONS of Questrade –

I hope you all enjoy the video 🙂

Brandon Beavis Investing


Jess Valenzuela says:

Thank you for the video. I added your video to my blog

rotagbhd says:

“One hundred AND sixteen dollars” = $100.16
“One hundred sixteen dollars” = $116.00
“And” represents the decimal point.

Mobeen Ansari says:

Really helpful! Thank you!

Jake Kwon says:

Great video. I just got started with Questrade and invested in stocks in USD. Under my account I have negative balance under US Dollars, is this ok? Also what happens when you place a market order (duration Day) on a Sunday evening? will it go through on Monday morning? Thanks!

Paul Rustline says:

Hey mate, trading without the right guidance in Forex or binary trading, great losses would be experienced. I highly recommend Mr Albert Alderic, for any trader who wants to earn consistent winnings. You can contact him via email; albertalderic12@gmail. com

Wilmer Angulo says:

Hi, Questrade have access to buy early market?

QuarterMan88 says:

How do I short the housing market? 😀

Amir Khosrowshahi says:

For the duration what does that mean? If I buy I stock can I hold it indefinitely until I want to sell it? For example IQ stock u held for a couple months but u selected “day”


Just set up my account. Used your link still. Love your channel. So much great content. Keep doing your thing !!!!

Christopher Inocalla says:

Very well explained. Thank you Brandon!

Dreddnaught19 says:

Great video my man. Looking to get started right away.

JOJO TV says:

Hi i am interested in signing up with questrade but can you help me understand if you purchased tfsa and diversisfy it then looking for a long term goal of 5 to 10 years do you have to pay inactivity for every quater of the year or are those fees meant only for day traders? i would highly appreciated the answer, i would use your link to sign up thanks.

Justin space says:

So your paying American taxes or other taxes for holding Foreign stocks?

slayanterallica says:

Not showing the process when you sell a share !! Im afraid sometimes its expensive or hard to get back those dollars in you personal account !

Devarsh sheth says:

Can you explain “duration” option in order section? I mean if we select day option then the stock will be sold or bought at the end of the day?

Justin space says:

How much money do you have to deposit if you open an account with Questrade for the first time? I keep hearing it’s $1000

bigrice 1000 says:

Hey man I’m really new to stocks but, how do people acually make money from stocks, is it by having dividends or the stock appreciating over time

Kevin Tarin says:

Hey Brandon, Can you do Dividend Investment using Questrade. I am currently with RBC for my main bank since I was 15 years old. However I don’t want to go with RBC for a broker because of Commission Fees

gagan deep says:

Hey Brandon, thank you for the information, I have just start investing through Questrade and your videos are very knowledgeable, I bought TD shares @$75.38 but in the cost/share it shows $77.03 but in position it shows Average price of $75.38 and my portfolio shows loss of $4.69, it would be really helpful if you can give some advise related to this as I am totally stuck here but I want to invest in other companies, thank you for reading this!

Slickpete83 says:

What ??? you don’t have your TSFA account maxed out ??

33svetlana says:

Hi Brandon, thanks for your videos. They are very helpful. I have a question for you. Sorry if my question is stupid, but the more I learn, the more I get confused :))) Can I trade stocks in a TFSA account as often as in a cash account, for example make 3-5 trades per week? Thanks.

aza rrif says:

Great video. If you could make another video how to day trade or swing trade in Questrade. I appreciate that.

James Brain says:

Hi mate, I have been trading but it have all been waste of money, I have finally found someone who is managing my trading, his email is he have made a lot of cash with my investment and we are sharing 50/50

Jay j says:

Can you show us how to sell your stuck that you buy and can you explain it like your taking to a kid Thank men

Giorgio Bryant says:

I want to invest so bad but I am scared because I am a beginner. I do not know what site to start with 🙁

Thérèse Gilbert says:

the 5 Dollar d’if. on dis purchase price may reflect commission cost. great video, hope you do other brokers.

Cosmic Tuxedo says:

I think you’ve got mail.

Adam Cleaver says:

Limit price is to buy/sell at a specified price OR better.
Not no more no less.

Hamid Khaleel says:

Excellent Video.. Thanks!

Jason says:

Great video, but where would you go to look at level 2 order books

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