How To Use Bloomberg

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We’re going to look at the Bloomberg Terminal

Bloomberg provides financial software tools such as analytics, data services and news to all manner of companies and organisations the world over via the Bloomberg Terminal, which is what we’re looking at now.

The Bloomberg terminal is a virtually bottomless pit of information covering a wide range of financial products. Accendo Markets uses it mainly for UK listed equities, and so we’re going to have look at the most important functions in that arena.

So first of all we’ll search for a company in the top left hand corner, here. If you know the ticker symbol you can type that in, but remember that sometimes different information providers use slightly different tickers. Unless you’re sure what the BBG ticker is, it’s better to type the company name.

Let’s use Barclays as an example, so I’ll start typing Barclays into the search box. Usually a dropdown menu then appears with all the terms that contain Barclays. We need to select BARC LN EQUITY which is Barclays’ UK listing. In fact any UK listed stock will be displayed in this way, so once you’re familiar with the ticker symbols you can simply enter BARC LN EQUITY and it’ll take you directly to the analysis menu.

Now there are a lot of options here, but we’ll go through the 3 most used and see how you can share all of this information with colleagues. Those are: Security Description, Company News, Analyst Recommendations.

Then I’ll go through how to export / share this information with your colleagues.

Security description:

General overview of the stock with a brief description, a chart, share price, performance since prior day’s close, 52wk hi, 52wk lo, YTD change.
Company news:

For most up to date news stories on the stock. Also, the day before a company reports results, an earnings preview will appear in the news feed here.
Analyst recommendations:

To find out how the brokers are rating the stock you’re interested in – consensus rating, average 12-mnth target price, details.

Risk Warnings:

CFDs can result in losses that exceed your initial investment. If you are in any doubt about investing, please seek independent financial advice. This video is general in nature; it should not be taken as a personal recommendation. Authorised and regulated by the FCA.


FoodLiquorCool says:

Thank you for uploading!

Ronny Paul says:

I’ve worked in the financial industry for 17 years. All the financial companies I’ve worked for had at least 10 of these computers. Yes, it is true, for the average person playing the market, you can make due with internet searches on stock prices. In banking and finance, especially if you work in the Daily NAV part of the business, you need stuff quick. A BBG terminal is really easy to use and allows you to search for ticker symbols, prices, etc very very easily. Even better, BBG terminal has a direct help desk so that you can personal message someone at Bloomberg with any questions you have about a particular stock or the info being deseminated from the terminal. We also run a lot of financial marco’s that run off the BBG terminal and this makes things simpler when you’re searching for stuff like bond and dividend entitlements, corporate actions, ect. All this save A LOT OF TIME. On the downside, running all these macros off BBG costs money charged by BBG to the financial company using the terminals and running the marco’s and searches. There’s a saying in finance that “Time is money”, so if you’re a multi billion dollar financial service company, you can’t afford to NOT have one of these things. FYI I’ve never seen or used the Rueter’s terminal before.

Telegram says:

The internet is full of free information, you honestly don’t even need the Bloomberg terminal. 90% of stocks that move on news always end up trading lower over the next few months or year. Being privy to information first in financial markets is actually a hindrance. The greatest investments are made when markets are quiet.

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