How to setup eTrade pro – Trading Platform setup – Best broker – Options Trading – Tutorial

Am eTrade pro basics tutorial. How to setup charts, trade options on the eTrade pro platform and setup eTrade pro scanners. I go in depth from making a platform layout from scratch. I believe eTrade is the best broker for trading, however if you watched the last video on TOS, if you can get $1.50 commissions, TD is the best for small accounts. Nonetheless, you can see how simple eTrade pro makes charting, which is one reason why I like it. Also, if you look at the options chains, its much easier to find dates and maneuver. Nonetheless, here is a nice little eTrade tutorial to set everything up so I hope you guys enjoy it!

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December Quinlan says:

Thank you for this video, I just started using E trade Pro and this was very helpful! I’ll be checking out your other videos…thanks again!

Brad Krause says:

Thanks for the video. You mentioned in passing that you also have a PC. Do you find that the application runs better on PC than Mac? I use Think or Swim which is also a Java application on an iMac and I’m trying to find which system is best. Thanks.

Miguel Vlogs says:

It would be nice if you can show us a live trade and guide us step by step on what you are doing and why you’re doing it. (choosing the stock, call / put, time frame, strike price, etc.. and what your exit strategy would be.)

Keep up the good work Josh!

[Alex ] says:

thanks just subscribed

justin morgan says:

you trade binary options?

ToM Rts says:

thanks for showing this really helpful especially for very beginning . Great job mate

nes marc says:

*The only reason of writing this comment is to help you people out because I have been in that place and I would have given anything to read a comment like this that could have gotten me out of my problems. The solution to all your problems is in this great app named (**** ) that’ll be good enough for all your trading needs.*

Jonathon Walker says:

Great video. Really helped me get going with Etrade Pro!

Aaron Fernandez says:

Hey , I know this seems like a really simple video . But could you make a video of how to buy stocks ? And how to put the cash in your account to cash you can actually use in E*TRADE . Many people get confused . Once you deposit money on e trade . For some reason it wouldn’t work .

bill mancos says:

You are a really great teacher, and explain things very well. Thanks so very much!

Lawrence H says:

very cool. Thanks for the info.

Steve Nate says:

Hello. Do they know something about a virus called “Antikapitalist”? Apparently he is attacking Forex Broker platforms. Apparently it comes hidden behind an EA that is downloaded on the platforms. Be careful!

Ant F says:

Great Video Thank you for taking the time!

Sea otter says:

thanks guys, i was going crazy entering the ticker 3-4 different types (link)

Night King says:

Really great video. Learned a lot

Mike Ross says:

What’s your entry and exit strategy? Do you have a stop loss with long term trades?

Nabil Moughal says:

thank you for this video, really beneficial

Ahmed Mokhtar says:

I’m learning thank you

Alihussein Merali says:

thank you for making this video bro

xilsanctified says:

Super useful — thanks for sharing your insights. I especially liked the explanation around linking windows, as well as the multi-period charts.

xhwiz says:

I’ve heard you can rent your shares back to the exchange? But it depends how you set the contract? Apparently, that’s the “big secret” lol but I don’t understand this, Can anyone help?

An Nhi says:

I bought Macbook Pro 2018, and when I am using E*TRADE Pro, my mac is HOT and fans run fast. I contacted Apple support and E*TRADE support tech, and they don’t know how to solve it.

Asad Shuaib says:

Love it, thanks. Simple and easy to setup as a beginner. Thanks a lot

Matthew Law says:

super helpful and straight forward, been looking for a vid like this for a while

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