How To set up Interactive Brokers TWS!

This a Video on How to set up a theoretical Interactive brokers trader platform, Charts, Stop Loss Profit Takers, Indicators and More!

Two Trading Monitors LG Wide Monitors



All trading involves risk where you man loose all of more money than you may have in your account. This video is purely for instructional purposes and No buy, sell or shorting selections shold be made from this video.


Ed says:

Wanted to watch this through but my biggest peeve, lip smacking or tiscsing, mouth noises throughout is off putting. Sorry, that is just my most hated noises. I’m sure the video was great.

MissGracie2012 says:

Thanks for the tutorial Ruben. Do you know what the short key is to do background dragging? I used it on TradeStation but I don’t know if there is such a feature on TWS. Thanks.

Minjae Cho says:

Thank you so much for this Ruben!

Anson Grehams says:

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Trading says:

How do you see the previous trades? trade history and report analysis?

Joerg sander says:

Great article Williams David !.you have proven to be the best among all traders.been feeling down and confused about my trade and about to give up, but after coming across some good post of those traders you have helped i was lighted up and never give up in trying my best, thanks you so much for your help and that of your strategy, if you are interested in knowing more about his strategy feel free and contact him via ….Williamsdevid1952@gmail. com

Adi Ep says:

Nice video

Nguai al says:

Thanks Ruben. Did I hear you say $1 to buy and $1 to sell with IB? If that is the case, this is the cheapest broker by far.

GSXR says:

I find the fills very slow in paper trading compared to say TOS, is it that way in real trading on TWS?

Brenton Bills says:

That was really useful. It’s very confusing out of the box…

Filbert Tumbi says:

Hi Ruben, Thanks for the material. it was easy to follow and practising.

Ramon MN says:

IB needs a mega update this looks like its from 1980

Vasko Obscura says:

Excellent video. Very helpful. I’m just learning TWS and it’s all still so confusing to me but this video was a big help. Thank you for taking the time to make it. Only thing I have to ask is why do you keep pronouncing the word chart as “shart”? SH and CH make different sounds and a chart and a shart are two different things. Just saying 🙂

ItsPlanB NL says:

Is there a way to be able to reposition the chart with left click and drag? At the moment when i left click and drag, it draws a trendline with the percentage change. The only way for me to reposition is alt+left click. I don’t want the left click to be set to draw trendlines.

Bill Wells says:

So how do you get the paper demo trial???

boi says:

how do you detach a window?

TheWhocares233 says:

THANK YOU SO MUCH. This video helped alot.

Cameryn Worden says:

Stop losses are dumb as shit

Pedi Poostanchi says:

there is a way easier way to trade on a platform called SimpleF you can pay via bank litecoin bitcoin and more the commisions are 1 % thats the best join now and there is a chat too

ugur aydogan says:

Hi when we put limits and stop losese
can we still sel the stock whenever we want

kelatazar says:

Hi, thank you for the video! didn’t have time to check it all but helped me a lot! I wanted to ask if there is a way to disable the automatic trend line being charted with the left click on the mouse? it is really annoying and I would rather it wasn’t like that.

Utsav says:

Thx Ruben!

Anson Grehams says:

However if you are looking to short and hold long term, IB probably gives you the best chance of being able to hold the shares above the typical 3 day period. Which is a good thing for those who short these pump and dumps here .

Ron Kalra says:

Does IB offer Renko charts ?? If not, is there any ways I can add Renko charts to IB platform

hhk khk says:

Get your act together an redo

TheTCOLL says:

Might be a silly question but, I have a pretty basic broker. If I leave for work I like to set the broker to buy at a certain price. I can not, however, set it to sell at a certain price after the buy. Can this broker do this?

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