Best Trading Platforms for 2017 – #Futures #Trading #Guide

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Today I walk you through the best trading platforms of 2017. We look at the trading platforms I’m using this year for trade execution, trade analysis and platforms that will help you finesse your entries.

BookMap (FREE TRIAL) –
TradingView –
MotiveWave – (14-day Free Trial)
NinjaTrader 8 –
OFA Order Flow Analytics –

I’ll be doing more in depth videos into these platforms and the tools I use within them in future videos.

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Johnny Boi says:

Hello, I really enjoyed your video and it was great content. What is the best analysis tool for free for beginners?

Ron Johnson says:

What about ATAS Platform?

Secundino Rojas Opinion says:

Cool Video

Rainer Rain says:

It’s obvious you’re reading this script. Are you being paid to advertise this or are you anyway affiliated  with the company ?

Jonathan Salazar says:

are all the ones you mentioned free?

reza jam says:

Hi Del The Trader.which Broker house do you use for cruid oil and emini 500? Thanks alot in advanced.

Jibon Ali says:

A debt of gratitude is in order for the video. Truly so much accommodating. I exchange with Forex4you and the stage I am utilizing is MetaTrader4. Forex4you customers get MetaTrader 4 for nothing out of pocket! MetaTrader 4 is just the best proficient forex exchanging programming accessible. Moment arrange execution, Fast quote refreshes, Confidential exchanges, Many diverse quotes, Wide scope of specialized pointers and direct instruments, Advisors and client markers.

Rick Roy says:

I am beginner please sages the best website for trading

Lincoln C Mitchell says:

good video

Thadeus Pammi says:

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JONNY JO says:

I just found some new stuff I never knew about..Thx!

Hey, You should also show make a vid about how people can get trumped in the market..haha

Sansone Feodor says:

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Adam K says:

Hi Good on ya Del for making this. I’m planning to use OFA & Book map for similar analysis on the Nikkei 225, but due to some soon to be out of the way complications have yet to get a live data feed. Would be interested to hear your take on how the two tools compliment each other or are redundant.

ttobi roxy says:

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Gisela Graube says:

_I was in a lot of confusion when I had to choose an app but I was fortunate enough that a friend of mine told me about (__ ) that he has been using for a couple of months and have been giving great results without having any fee for signing up to use this app. I grabbed this opportunity right away and I have never been this happy in my entire life._

Adey Lester says:

What is Trabeplom System? Does it work? I hear lots of people earning cash in the forex trading with this popular forex secrets.

Victor Vigesimal says:

Great Video. 🙂

Will López Solis says:

Great video!

Abraham T says:

Thanks Del the Trader for the video! Please keep making great videos like this, I am sure will help beginning traders like me.If you have any online Trader community please let me know

badi ejied says:

thnx this is gret video really helpd me so thnx again

Jon Pounds says:

For automation … TradeStation is hard to beat … Uses EasyLanguage where as Ninja uses NinjaScript … MetaTrader is another that’s pretty nice and offers free versions to try out. TradeStation in my view is the best but one must have a great deal of money to LOSE while learning .. I’ve also tried MultiCharts which is nice but has tons and tons of BUGS.. Platforms and brokers completely depend upon the account size. Account being a f(x+t) where x=$$$ and t= TIME ..

Eric Karanu says:

Hey, I’m interested in learning forex ..any reads/tutorials you’d recommend?

John Smith says:


jazahares says:

Thank you for the info. I am at the very beginning of learning how to trade,as you said the technology is amazing and easy to understand but can be overwhelming . I am sure in a few weeks or months,even years this new passion will make more sense but again this” is not a race it is a journey” .Any suggestions on books ,videos ,PC or MAC ?

ahsanullah shanto says:

Forex trading platform is a base f trading which includes all trading ingredients needed to trade. Every trader see at the platform while choosing a broker. Through checking the platform I have selected Trade12 broker which is really user friendly to me and having more than 250 technical tools.

polkatrumpeter says:

Well hello! I’m revamping my forex plan. What do you think of Ninja 8, and using for the data? (I see Ninja lists on their website as a partner.)
Difficult to find a good USA citizen ECN broker.

Sanjay Pratap says:

Gotta keep it simple , too much info and too many screens are recipe for disaster ….price action and institutional  buying is the key in my opinion

Christopher Norman Crepon says:

hm my favorite so far, and i can’t afford to pay for anything so i keep up free trials (with paper trading only) is IQFeed for data and MotiveWave as a platform. i find ninjatrader to have an odd layout and not be very good for symbol lookup or integration but i could be wrong, being a newbie to all this.

DonFronShow says:

Do you trade full time for income?

Felipe Cruz says:

Hi there, thanks for sharing the information, I am writing from Fortaleza, CE, Brazil, and will watch the other videos! Thanks

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