Best Stock Market App! | Stocktracker App Tutorial!

Best stock market app is the subject of this video. This video is also a stock tracker app tutorial. The stocktracker app is my favorite stock market app. There are not many apps for stocks but the stocktracker realtime app is my favorite stock market apps.

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KDUB&ANT says:

Thanks for sharing

Ryan says:

Your channel keeps growing each and every day! Keep it up!!

GrassFedMeats says:

Couldn’t even spell tracker right…with dry erase marker to boot

Stanrossisboss 51 says:

i love this app! so much info! thanks for teaching me how to use it better.

Sabi Csepregi says:

Thanks for this Jeremy, looks like a great tool and valuable resource!

Fishin Magician says:

If I live in the US how do I buy a stock in the UK or overseas ?

Joshua Grider says:

Join Robinhood and we’ll both get a stock like Apple, Ford, or Sprint for free. Make sure you use my link.

Abraham Contreras says:

very good app

Sina Kouchaki says:

Hey you play clash royal!! what level are you at?

Moni Miah says:

“Currency converter” but can I buy and sell stock in euro?? Thanks in advance

david le says:

when is the stock market open? and form what time to what time? can you make a viode

Sempi10 says:

I use this and Robinhood. Great combo!

datmrfrenchie08 says:

Start investing in your future. Whoever signs up to Join Robinhood will get a free stock like Apple, Ford, or Sprint. Make sure you use my link.

Paulman Nguyen says:

What about stocktwits?

Crypto Daws says:

Jeremy!! Im going get that app rn!!! But i saw that you had clash royale i was wondering if you still playing? If you are join my clan King$

eToreum says:

Iim downloading the app , i was using the eToro app  ( toro is my broker its a social media trading ) i don’t think its available in the US , jeremey if you had etoro in the US you would be making a LOT of money since your channel is popular people would copy you on etoro and when you’re an elite trader you can make as most as 2% for the total equity that people coy you its like a investment fund check etoros website maybe you can create a web site like that in the US. Great video

2hands Bowling Junky says:

My trend lines are always disapears…is there a way to keep them on my charts?

Sydni Smith says:

Is this a real live stock app. Like your using your real money? Or is it fake or virtual. To practice with.

I went to a seminar and they told me to use ivest but this popped up?? Very confused??

jess sal says:

hey thanks for this great video what is the best broker app?

Chris Haefner says:

Here’s $5. Try out STASH

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Louie Dounis says:

Your a gun!!

Adil Afridi says:

Awesome tip! A question on dividends: is the dividend rate based on the stock price you purchased or the stock price at the time the dividend is paid to investors? Thank you!!!!!

maxence drouet says:

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Adalfredo Conti says:

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Nabeel Saoor says:

come man not clash royal

Whatchamajigger says:

Worlds creepiest thumbnail.

paul loper says:

Spellingerror on your thumbnail.

Jeff Licona says:

Great video! keep up the good work!

Weston Promotions says:

Or you can do something that not only gives you free money (I.e. free stocks) to join but you get more for every referral and can sell, buy, or even cash out up to $500 of literally free money.

Don’t just take my word for it, it was just in Forbes as one of the best stock trading apps and trades have zero fees!

art moreno says:

What broker do you use?

Santosh Gautam says:

Best financial education channel I have ever come across…you deserve 200k+ subscribers…good luck..

Fatin Ishraq says:

Jeremy, love your content, please do a video on the Robinhood app. It will really help us college students out. Thanks.

Rena Cash says:

Hi Folks, If you want to earn money in foreign exchange. Just google “Forex Profiter V3.1”.

Aviad D says:

Jeremy, you don’t address if it’s possible to BUY and SELL stocks on this thing and what the commission is. How could you not address that Bro, it’s what all of us need to do with our stocks, it’s the BASIC thing. Right?

Samual PEACE says:

I always thought that I could make an accurate prediction just by reading financial news sites like Bloomberg.I never knew how wrong I was until I subscribed to this app. You can check it out here >>> *TraderIcon. Com* .

Aswin Tanzil says:

What do you think about the Stock Market or StockIdeal App??? I think it’s more advanced compared to this StockTracker.

Vu Tran says:

broo i bought Gpro and tsla stock cuz of u! thnx for the tips you are great man.

Saurabh Barai says:

hey brother i just subscribed your channel hopping i will get more valuable information about market from you!

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