BEST Charting Software EVER: Tradingview

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tonkatoytruck says:

I could really use your help. I used to paper trade and did very well. I just can not remember the broker I used. They had free paper trading, I was able to sort my charts by volume, DOW vs. NASDAQ, etc. It would post the price graph, MACD, Stochastic, and volume, all on separate graphs. And, it would post all of them without having to reconfigure every time. Can you tell me if there is a broker that still provides these services? Maybe E trade.

ali ajam says:

hi, thanks for the video, is the charts real time?, I need a platform for day trading, so realtime chart is most important part of a platform for me, right now I use DAS which is very expensive looking for a replacement

Chandra Chakraborty says:

How it is better from Mt 4??

Joyprakash Das says:

how much.idian Rs. and monthly or yearly data charg. indian ofees adress.pls. sand.

Albert Bazinet says:

Is there level 2 available on this platform ?

Hamshaft says:

2:23 Bitchfork lol

Anthony Boissiere says:

hello, I need a question answered about multiple charts on tradingview. I want the 8 currency indexes on 2 additional monitors, 4 on each monitor, USD CAD EUR GBP on 1 monitor, and CHF AUD NZD JPY on the other while I’m on mt4 on my laptop looking for trade opportunities from the strengths and weaknesses on the tradingview currency index charts. What tradingview plan will I need to do this ? can this be done on the pro plan ? or pro + or will I need the premium plan for this ? your help with this matter will be much appreciated. thanks



Vesela Filipova says:

Can you buy/sell from Trading view or its just charting software? Wich platform should I use to buy NASDAQ COMPOSITE INDEX:​NASX?

Bharath sk says:

Hey can we add current market price in the screener section?

Anthony Boissiere says:

please help me out and answer my question from 2 days ago pertaining to the plan required for setting up my currency index charts on 2 additional monitors. I just want to know if this can be done so I can have my 8 currency index charts always up so I don’t have to be going back n forth, thanks again

Dhanushka Premasiri says:

Thanks dear…


Think or Swim is the best charting software in my opinion.

Ken Varley says:

Trading View looks pretty decent! I’ve been using TC2000 for a couple years now. Their charts are also very easy to use and customisable. You also get an extremely customisable scanner with it too. For the price, I think it’s the best all round package out there!

Vitalli Chaklosh says:

Thank you for the video, everything is very accessible and understandable If you can make a video Where to look for stokke when to buy.

Leo O says:

hi, But if I use the Pro or Pro+, Do I need to pay for the Data on top of the monthly price?

romaninhomtl says:

Yeah TradingView is amazing

BubbaSmurft says:

TV is great but what aboot TC2K? Much more powerful. (Please DON’T add music to these videos)

Carlo says:

Do you actually put in trades with this website? Or do you have to purchase through your broker?

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