Basic Forex Trading For Beginner

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Клинт Иствуд says:

Thank you its very helpful !

Alphonzo Lofton says:

Thank you. Appreciate your time. Great entry level video!!!!

matias2157 says:

when using fxtrader, how do you get out of a trade when not using stop loss and t profit?

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John Masso says:

why are you selling and not buying? and what determines that

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maria victoria briano says:

is this spread betting ? ive been told this normal form of forex is spread betting

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Alex Peters says:

Excellent beginners video, thank you

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John Smith says:

Excellent. Thank You.

Katherine Affholter says:

is the simulater on investorpedia what you are recommending as the practice account?

Трофим Геворгян says:

Thanks for sharing

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