Amibroker Tutorial in Hindi – II (Trading Tech # 10 )

Amibroker Tutorial in Hindi – II This video is a tutorial of Amibroker software. How to plot indicators in amibroker, how to create templates, how to save layout, drawing trend line and meny more. In my next video I will try to show some more advantages like- custom formula, auto exploration, etc. So please be with us, like it, share it and subscribe this channel for more updates.
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Amibroker Offical Site :

Super Trend :


Siva Raja Sekhar says:

Thank you!!!

jassi gujral says:

Sir you are great

Ajit Kumar Nayak says:

need more description amibroker about AFL

Ashish singh says:

Thank u sir

Arijit Banerjee says:

Khub valo laglo Dada. You are a very nice person !!

asim khan says:

Very usefull information thanks so much sir

Dilip Kamble says:


muffy #thug life says:

Waaa dada waaa fantastic demo given give me ur no

Ric ky says:

very informative

Shree Ganesh says:

Good sar maja a gaya itna safai se kisi ne nhi bataya or your Co. No.

Mangesh Bhagwat says:

Thanks boss superb info

partha acharjee says:

sir…make more vedio…

Apurba Kar says:

really a valuable presentation,it will take some time to practise.


Super Sir

Parijat Sarkar says:

sir plz make a video on how to get live data feed to amibroker

Rajiv Saini says:

verry verry superb ……..

Baquir Ahmed says:

the coding for supertrend and other signal can it be done in zerodha pi also because in pi software we can actually write a code

manu yash says:

amibroker install kiya but symbols nahi dikarahahe kya karna sir

prahlad singh says:

Thanks sir….

Gaurav Kumar says:

Hello sir
Sir Amibroker full version kaise Milega please help me

Shobhit Mehrotra says:

Thanks sir very helpful

manoj nathani says:

दत्ता जी क्या एमईब्रोकेर में नेस्ट को कनेक्ट कर के रियल टाइम ओर eod डेटा प्राप्त कर सकते है ?

Sandeep Raut says:

Very nice sir, Please upload more videos

Asis Dey says:


Shyamal Dutta says:

Copy and Paste to Your Amibroker :

Buy=Cross(C,EMA(C,9)) AND RSI(14)>50 ;
Sell=Cross(EMA(C,9),C) AND RSI(14)<50 ;
Filter=Buy OR Sell;
/// Buy Sell Arrow ///
PlotShapes(IIf(Buy, shapeUpArrow, shapeNone),colorlightblue, 0,L, Offset=-30);
PlotShapes(IIf(Sell, shapeDownArrow, shapeNone),colorRed, 0,H, Offset=-30);
////// Exploration Result ////////
AddTextColumn( Name(), "Full name", 77 , colorDefault, IIf( Close < EMA(C,9), colorRed, colorDefault ) ); AddColumn( MACD(), "MACD", 1.4 ); AddColumn( ADX(), "ADX", 1.4 ); ///// Alert //// AlertIf(Buy,"","BUY SIGNAL 9EMA" , 1 ); AlertIf(Sell,"","SELL SIGNAL 9EMA", 2 );

pramod venna says:

There are many stocks available i market. How to identify which stock to buy, which to sell

Sanjoy Chanak says:



Very power full .thank

Rahul Tirkey says:

Hi sir can I get your no.

ranjit jha says:

how to purshase amibroker + rate

Ajit Kumar Nayak says:

How to get Pop up sound in alertoutput..

Be Happy says:

Ekdam zakhas video …… Lot’sThanks Sir,

Mangesh Bhagwat says:

Hi i use three thing in stock selection ema 10,3 macd, stochastic mtm index i want to write a afl for buye selling signal can u help

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