36. Live CFD Trading – Tutorial for beginners

Here I place a couple of CFD trades. (one long, one short), to show you the basics of trading on a CFD platform.

Alpha Broking https://www.jbalpha.com/

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French Fry says:

don’t fucking get it goddammit. where can i learn the fundamentals to get this shit in my head?

Trung says:

Glad you’re ok mate.

stn0505 says:

Is there a way to lose not more than your margin?

Dmitry Shturman says:

Thank God everyone is ok. Stay safe Darren! We need you.

R Peirce says:

buying or shorting cfds on stocks seems like suicide to me……..

A-Typical says:

That platform is shit

David Poulson says:

Excellent, now I know a little bit about cfds.

stephen saunders says:

hi aussie share trader why not use commsec or other major banks traders … is it cheaper useing that site or company……

AniAdventures says:

Can you also buy stocks on saxo or is it only cfds

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