Why Day Trading Isn’t About Technical Analysis

Why day trading isn’t about technical analysis: http://bit.ly/dtatrade

Most people are fascinated by the financial markets and look to find their financial freedom through the intricate movements every single day. Many people when first finding out about the stock market and wanting to learn how to day trade they see an endless amount of technical analysis with all kinds of indicators and software.

Well, we are here to tell you that technical analysis is roughly just 10% of what you need to learn when it comes to mastering this elusive profession.

After we master technical analysis the real challenge comes when we go live and we have to start mastering our emotions. Being able to understand market movements isn’t necessarily easy, but the test that arises when we start to learn how to master our emotions is a whole different ball game. This is why day trading isn’t about technical analysis. It is really about being able to manage your emotions, at Day Trading Academy we call this emotional capital.

This is one of the reasons why women are considered to be much better traders. Even though they are not actively managing their emotions women are scientifically known to be much more emotional creatures than men. This means that they have had much more experience in managing and living their life with their emotions. Whereas men don’t have that experience and is something that they need to learn.
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Why day trading isn’t about technical analysis


etaylor38 says:

This so true, you will know your weakness trading. Especially Forex since I feel is the hardest of all trading because of heavy manipulation, spreads, commissions,etc.

James Edwards-Marche says:

02:46 – Brilliant insight. Looking at ourselves and our emotions objectively is SO important and really is a game-changer. Thanks for this.

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