TRADING TUTORIAL – Using technical Analysis To Find Trades


As a chartist, there are multiple techniques that we can use to perform technical analysis. In today’s FMP, I want to a show you how to combine these techniques in a way that can create high probability trading opportunities.

In this video, I also share with you a crucial tip on how to read structure that will hopefully save you money down the road.

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Dennis H says:

I’m really glad you did the rant on the double/triple bottom/top testing a level (it looks like it was even a quadrouple bottom). I’m one who thought the more times a level was tested, the stronger the level. So I’m REALLY thankful you decided to share that. I will watch out for that now in the future. (I even made a rule that the triple bottom was a CTS of 1 on my testing of DT/DB. I’m in testing now and will most likely remove that rule depending on what I see and the pair). So thanks for that “from my experience” rant!!! Saving me from some lost pippage.. lol

Chad Williams says:

Learning is made simple with all of the Trade Empowered coaches! Thanks for all that you do.

Omer abdalaziz says:

Great stuff Akil Stokes as usual, always inspiring and motivating people like my self who struggling and suffering lake of skills thanks a lot

Jesse Seymour says:

You know, if a trader were to spend about 20-30 hours going through your uploaded videos over the last few years and make a few playlists for themselves, they could create a nice free intro course to forex trading. Granted, there will be holes in that knowledge, but there is where I am looking for the forex basics course to come in and fill those holes before I get to the 12-week course.

Plus, you get a healthy dose of motivation – I know I do. After watching this video, my trading goal this week is 10 hours of back testing and recording one chart analysis video. I just finished writing my trading rules, and by writing, I mean borrowing them off your old videos 🙂 My long term goal is to start trading with a small live account by March 2018 so as to give me plenty of time to back test 5 pairs across 3 time frames (15 minute, hour, and 4 hour) and then demo trade them for a few months.

Colin Hagan says:

Great Video Akil, If I don’t take the action i took a year ago and took the prop trading course then I would have probably quit trading by now. Is funny i thought i new enough about trading before I joined but i quickly realised I was only getting started.

Kelly S says:

Ahhh… More information and inspiration. Keep it coming Akil!

Dominic Clifton says:

What software is this?

Robert Omwodo says:

commenting on this random tutorial with this news Akil, i just made my first prediction correctly using your guides on Fibonacci tools, much appreciated, still educating myself with your tutorials, they are good aye!!!!! Thank you sir.

john doe says:

everything you say i think most new traders do including me, thinking to short term and thinking only about the profits and not about preservation of capital.

Morne Pretorius says:

Hi Akil, great video. How do you deal with announcements? I have had a bad run the last couple of days due to it, do you factor it in at all?

Dennis H says:

Definitely need to do that….

Moses Ptallah says:

Thank you so much, We’re grateful you came.

Kgosi Mphehle says:

Hey Akil, thankyou for another great video. I understand that I am commenting on this video rather late since it was posted- but I am hoping that you can humour me by giving a response. There is something you touched on that I need a bit of clarity on. You mentioned that the more often a level of structure is tested, the weaker it tends to be. I find myself a bit confused by this statement because your past videos have given me the impression that a structural level’s durability is a function of several failures to breach that level. Under what circumstances will several tests of a level of structure make it weaker? Unless of course you are referring to tests that appear in close proximity to one another. 😀 Please hulp!

Kushloff says:

Great content on this channel 🙂

TraderPD says:

16:40 a quick joke: Man wakes up after a really drunk night and after he switched the lights on he screamed – OOOO MY GOD AN ALLIGATOR. The girl he slept with woke up with screams – Where, where?- she said…… OOO MY GOD and it talks too 😀 😀 😀 ( sure she was a “beauty” ).

Channel303 podcast says:

ever since i came across this videos its like i personally know Mr Akil Stokes he taught me many things, not only how to trade but how to live and behave like a trader i really do declare him as a great leader. so i feel very certain when the great analyst do the same thing on the same pair i was analyzing

dirtytechnodog says:

never stop ranting brother, awesome vid.

Bon Futur says:

I love these videos; best trading advice on youtube

Marco Polo says:

wow your pound/yen analysis was on point

virgil wynne says:

Amazing such an amateur trader such as yourself, makes money teaching people how to trade. I would trash you or Jason in a trading competition anytime!

Jordan R Washington says:

Great Video

Blaque Ink says:

Once again thanks for the info, greatly appreciated.

Kyle Mcpherson says:

What feels great. is when i do an analysis on a pair, GBPJPY in this situation. And you do the exact same analysis. And we view the trade the exact same way. Before watching this preview. Makes me feel good about the way i think about the markets. Thanks alot akil. Nothing about that analysis was confusing to me at all! Btw!

Giles Bovis says:

Also known as Stella Vision

Allesandy Neno says:

Can anybody tell me its haram or halal ?

joey86bu1 says:

Great Vid!

Steve Smith says:

Good stuff, thanks Akil!

virgil wynne says:

Amazing such an amateur trader such as yourself, makes money teaching people how to trade. I would trash you or Jason in a trading competition anytime!

Angelo Bentley says:

Akil, I found you on YouTube and learned allot in an hour.Thanks for spending time making this videos. I clearly understand price charts. Good job man. From now on I will follow you and apply what I have learned. Thanks

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