TRADE REVIEW: Bitcoin Ethereum Litecoin Technical Analysis Chart 5/6/2018 by

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Bitcoin Ethereum Litecoin Technical Technical Analysis Chart for 9/15/2017

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kalashseriesfull says:

these quick short update videos are freaking day makers for us dan.thank you.

Ameer Rosic says:

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CaliCoins 28 says:

I’m always paper trading, excellent practice.

If i can’t manage my imaginary trading account, no way I’ll be able to manage my real trading account. So I take my imaginary account just as seriously as my real account lol.

Proton says:

Dang lost 50 dollars trying to tame this beast all night.

John Pen says:

2% bounce, sick move bro lol

supernova1976 says:

thanks Dan, I am new to this just under 2 months and I find it easier or even the only way I can make money is during these quick bounces and I can’t seam to deal well with slow moving market .

Randy says:

Good morning Dan

Daan says:

Thanks again for the update. I saw the trade comming and made 2 beers money on Litecoin. I’m only in crypto for around 5 months and your videos realy help becomming comfortable in seeing patterns and making decissions. Could you also do a video in the nearby future about taking profits and some ways of doing a trade? Thank you again for doing a awesome job!

Tom Gentleman says:

Thanks Dan

atagino says:

After a year listing to your youtube videos, thing are finally starting to click. As im looking into charts i can hear your voice in my head narrating the charts as i look trough. I’m sure tons of learning still, but thank you for changing my life! One more in the army of doing good things!

Marjorie Soto says:

Thanks for sharing your insight when trading.

Tim Oas says:

Was saying similar things on your Twitter few days ago. This inertia was high. Stayed away from 15min and 30min. Hourly rsi was where it was at. There was allot of inertia. Similar trade. Spot on. Job well done.

Zoran Kafadar says:

Any Coin can chrash ,just BTC can’t !! Also LTC have good position with 86 milione max supply …BTC max supply is 21 milions….ETH don’t have max supply and ETH is now in circulation about 98 milions coins …I think ETH is not good for make money…

Raw Fooducation - Spencer Morgan says:

I really like this type of video. I think it would be cool if you could maybe do a video like this but discussing swing trading a little more rather than the quick day trades. Thanks for all the great videos, learning a ton and gaining confidence in my trading!

TJ Park says:

Did you decide to start scaling in because of the inside bar bear break?

Tom stevens says:

thanks for the info. i know im pushing myself to absorb the info you put in these videos. im a beginner at this. but i like complex machinery and build engines and auto transmissions and anything that most mechanics shy away from. and your videos are giving me a super high expectation to reach with zero experience in trading. with your knowledge, experience and dedication to daily videos i am seeing profit and always wanting to improve my habits and Appreciate al lthe time you put in to your videos! thamks again Dan, You Rock!!!

Dhaval Shah says:

1PCUCYn6E1HamCbZ7jiAJcz1bbK3GtCtVV can someone please donate me some small amount of bitcoin?

utubecomtw13 says:

What’s the difference of pair against USD and USDT?

Biplav Shrestha says:

Your table is shaking quite a bit though.

Hainezy says:

Did they send you a free standing desk for a one liner?

Danny Jack Johnson says:

Thanks Dan! How can anybody post a thumbs down. I suppose there are a lot of negative Nellys around.

Родион Гальченко says:

Everyone has to have a Zilliqa – token of in portfolio! If you have no money, take part in free airdrop

Cutie4Blockchain says:

Love your vids!!! thank you so much for being detailed!!!!!!!!

Philson says:

Love the early video post. Thanks!

Sajahan abdul hadhi says:

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