Top 5 Technical Analysis Indicators for Beginners [ Ultimate Tutorial / Guide ]

Technical Analysis Indicators for Beginners Top 5 [ Tutorial / Guide ] – Receive $400 worth of FREE options trading training for beginners from the only legitimate stock market coach

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Learn how to trade options for beginners. Learn how to make money and be a profitable trader.

This video will show you that technical analysis doesn’t work and it’s a waste of time.

Technical analysis relies on misattribution.

There are no hedge funds or investment banks who trade using technical analysis because…. it doesn’t work.

Technical analysis provides you with zero statistical edge, and… it’s very dangerous because when you day trade, you’re going to be right ~45% of the time, so you’ll then attribute your “wins” to a faulty indicator when, in reality, it’s simple probability.

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Forget Day Trading Alerts, Penny Stock Alerts, Swing Trade Alerts, forex alerts and technical analysis alerts.

All of those alerts are fake and all of those teachers are fake gurus and frauds.

Ask them for their full trading statements & screen recordings of their full transaction history

The probability of you being profitable from day trading or trading penny stocks is 0%

The only way to make money in the stock market is by selling option premium (not buying options)

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Madelynn Wisoky says:

i believe that ur right. technical analysis doesn’t work.

Lamont Robel says:

is it okay if i share this video with my friends?

Chadrick Champlin says:

i signed up for your alerts

Thalia D'Amore says:


jack sen says:

excellent video

Billy Rivas says:

i believe that ur right. technical analysis doesn’t work.

Jaylen Friesen says:

Thanks for this video, this is something that needed to be said!

Jonathan Joy says:


Javon Raynor says:

Keep providing value to others!

Rowan Mosciski says:

great video, keep putting out content!

BestStockStrategy says:

Let me know if you have any questions. Please like, comment, subscribe and share this video. I’m trying to help others and if you take ~5 seconds to share this video, it will help get the word out. It’s time that we stop scammers from defrauding innocent people.

Franco Bernier says:

there are so many courses on technical analysis, are you saying that none of those people make money?

Karson Spencer says:

i just signed up for your course! i hope you teach me how to trade.

Grace Sanders says:

So you’re telling me that the millions of dollars spent on courses and all that stuff for TA is fraud?

Brook Pollich says:

"3 patterns to turn $5,000 into Millions". lol. Right! Those scammers are horrible.

Dock Labadie says:

ta is a complete scam. it’s taught by people in suites who scam us to give off the impression that that care when they’re failures themselves.

Skyla Wuckert says:

preach preach! keep adding value

Shannon Tharp says:


Vanessa Lehner says:

Thanks for this video, this is something that needed to be said!

Anna Kuvalis says:

i hope you keep making videos

Domingo Douglas says:

i just signed up for your course! i hope you teach me how to trade.

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