Top 3 Technical Analysis Indicators (Ultimate Guide) – Even though we know we can never consistently pick the next direction of an underline stock’s movement we can use some basic technical analysis to help figure out where the stock may NOT go in the future which is sometimes more important than figuring out where the stock MIGHT go.

In today’s video tutorial I’ll show you my 3 favorite technical analysis indicators; MACD, RSI Stochastics and CCI. Plus, how I have customized each to fit our personal trading philosophy.

Beware though, technical analysis can lead you down the path of “analysis paralysis” if you use too many indicators. I always suggest that you focus on learning 2-4 indicators and sticking with those for the long-haul.


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Phil Greene says:

This was awesome. Thank You!

ewald brenda says:


Kathir Velu says:

what’s the name of the software?

Roy Guan says:

Generaly speaking, you helped me to open my window on stock trading.

Mohammed Ayaz Maniar Smart says:

Which chart was used.weekly or daily.

Sandeep Shukla says:

Thank you for such an informative video !

jack azz says:

Thank you the most concise video I’ve seen on indicators, really appreciated, do you use lower time frames when placing order?

tubewatcher38 says:

Good video Kirk.  Do you still rely on these 3 since completing your tech analysis research project; or do you like others now?

Kushanth R says:

Thanks for this useful video. Can you use this setup for intraday (futures and commodities) ?

Shrinivas Ingalahalli says:

Very informative and straight to the point like it very much

Arivarasu R says:

Very Informative and useful…Thanks

Stigma Breaker says:

Great video, I have learned a lot from you.

Anwarul Huq says:

Hey man what’s the software name, and can I use it on any stock market

Todd Murphy says:

Thank you! Very good work and easy to understand. I use MACD and RSI. It is always good to review and you presented this well. Happy Trading to you!

Bjbu Njk says:

awesome video man!!!

nosajwarrior05 says:

thanks. now that was the best technical analysis tutorial ive seen. simple and clear.

Kris Arnold says:

Hello, does these changes on the indicators work on all different time frames?

Investing With Nothing says:

Really inspiring and informative stuff man! I hope I continue find such treasures from you folks, thank you!!!

Manmeet Chhabra says:

Amazing. Good teaching technique. Thanks a lot.

Paul Arcement says:

Really helpful video. Love the value this channel brings to traders young and old

kindofhungry says:

Very informative. Thank you very much.

Fernando Mata says:

Thank you for the vid

Raver Magik says:

Thanks.. You just gave me the crash course on the indicators I wanted to use but didnt know how to set them up or how to read them awesome job

Bogdan Gheorghe says:

Thank you for this great video!

Dan Pat says:

Thanks this is very helpful.

Devon Rex says:

Simple and educational. Can this indicators be use for day trading?

Taranpreet Singh says:

Great Video. Immediately subscribed. Keen to learn more.

Ftank58 says:

great video

Alain B says:

makes lot of sense, thank you.

rohan oza says:

thanks for sharing such a good knowledge….

SurfnBird says:

great video. very informative as someone just getting started and not even having one trade under my belt, definitely cleared some stuff up.

Debraj Banerjee says:

Brilliantly explained!

Michael Morris says:

This helped so much! thanks buddy, appreciate the videos!

Marlon Garcia says:

Thank you Kirk! Explained it very well. More power to you! 🙂

C F Karim says:

You make it absolutely clear as water. tanks man. keep up the good work.

Ken Aidrian Axalan says:

Thank you, Sir! Very helpful!

hish vasco says:

none sense

Nicolas Retamal says:

dude, this was simple the most useful thing I learn this year. Thank you 🙂

The Mastermind says:

Succint. Great.

Terrence Mathews says:

Thank you.

umer zeeshan says:

Thanks for the video, you explained very well and to the point, how has been your experience with using them all together when all give a buy signal or sell vice versa?

Ikhmal Ariff says:

Very informative, great video, god bless.

Onur Can Gulenc says:

Thanks for the very informative video! Are these indicators also useful and efficient for different time charts too? eg. 1H, 5M etc.

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