TNA 1 = Technical Analysis Tutorial Candlesticks

TNA = Technical Analysis of course $-) . MMASSASSIN and notrees2day Will start a series of classes thought by notrees2day with the help of MMASSASSIN. We wish to guide you through the fundamentals of technical analysis. In this first class, You will learn what really matters to get the basics of your technical understanding . This class will cover candlestick analysis, trend lines, and support and resistance. You will learn how not to be shaken on a shakeout and how not the be fooled by a false breakout. This is the basics but we go a little beyond the basics into things that many more experienced traders tend to miss. In the future we will progress with more advanced classes in this series covering everything all the way up to importing formulas into your charting package, Elliot wave analysis, and point and figure analysis. But it all starts with this class. Hope you enjoy it , we worked very hard on this class.


Shobhit Aggarwal says:

Please upload rest classes

Darryl Gardner says:

Great information!!

Lee-rah N says:

Wow!!! So informative, Clear and Precise.
After searching from video to video…. I cannot thank you enough. All the way frm South Africa.

Galina St George says:

Fantastic video. The only regret is that having created it, you stopped and didn’t follow it up with more.


Please demonstrate your real account, like I did!


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Steve Toldi says:

Excellent video like it it very much !

Amer habb Habib says:

where i can find other videos


Hey bro, thanks for the video. No bs here like 90% of the other trading videos on youtube.

Francis Hemingway says:

This is the best video I’ve seen thus far on the basics. Well explained and paced. Thank you for sharing.

Martin Shepherd says:

Covered a lot of ground and a really good video for traders.

Frank Peterson says:

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Nikhil B says:

Very well thought, took 1 week to go through n still viewing it again n again.

Dale says:

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Gary Obrien says:

Have lost so much trading binary options but i still believe i can make them back with the help of a good strategy.

kenny stmarc says:

@mmassassin is this for stocks or forex

Justin Holbein says:

Great resource, thanks for this guys really appreciate it.

Ian G says:

brilliant tutorial – thanks a lot guys

Seth Lyons says:

6 Years and this is still very helpful. Saved me money today.

Adam Richardson says:

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Work with belle says:

thank you…God bless you guys..;-)

Anna G Intili says:

Wow, I thank God I found this video!. This is the first time that this makes sense. Thank you so much for sharing. I want to learn more! Wonderful, thanks again.

Jesse Bedard says:

Will you guys be putting out more content? Its been a while since the last video..?

Itcw says:

i tried using this to plot.. basically the trendlines does not fit in.. seems to me they pick a few stock which happens to allow them to plot the trend lines

Loyal and Faithful says:

I’m glad you clarified that . . . . travis . . . .

Zamiel138 says:

Where is video #2? This video was AMAZING and I learned a lot and now I want to learn about Tea Cups and Head n Shoulders and what they all mean!

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