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0:50 To get started is what is a candlestick pattern? Okay, so a candlestick pattern is essentially a method, right? Of reading a price chart. It originated back in Japan, right? That’s the history. And the key component of a candlestick chart is that it shows you four things. It shows you the opening price, the price, the high of the session, the low of the session and the closing price,

2:00 How do you read a candlestick pattern? Or how do you read a candlestick chart? So remember there are only four things, the open, the high, the low, and the close. You can see that the candles are usually typically two colors, either you know, green, red, or perhaps it can be black, white. Sometimes you can even you know, change the color if you want, but generally, the most common color is green and red.

9:00 So now, I want to walk you through something what we call combining candlestick patterns. Because candlestick patterns, they are essentially just showing you the price of the different sessions. And if you think about this, right? This can be combined, right?

12:48 So now, how not to trade candlestick patterns, right? So now you know how to read candlestick pattern, you even know how to combine them, how do you not trade candlestick patterns? Because this is a mistake.

15:00 So how should you trade candlestick patterns? I would like to introduce to you something what I call the TAE framework. The TAE TAE framework, alright? So what is TAE? TAE stands for Trend, right? A is Area of value, and E stands for Entry trigger.

16:00 The engulfing pattern, right? This is the so called the theory behind it, right? So you can see that this green candle over here is what we call the bullish engulfing pattern. Why is that? Because if you look at it, right? The body of the green candle which is the… From here in the open and the close, it has engulfed the body of the previous candle.

18:00 Hammer and shooting star. Alright, so let’s have a look at the hammer. So the hammer is something that you might be familiar with because you saw earlier, right? The earlier examples. So the hammer is a bullish reversal, because it’s actually showing you price rejection in the market. In fact, it’s rejection of lower prices.

19:20 Dragonfly and a Gravestone Doji, right? Sounds a handful but really the method is very similar to the hammer and shooting star. The only difference, right? Is that now this Doji. Doji simply means, right? A indecision in the markets. But for Dragonfly and Gravestone Doji, it’s a sign of price rejection.

20:45 Morning and evening star. Red star, let’s look at the star. So this is a morning star, so you can see that this is somewhat similar to the engulfing pattern, but with a slight variation to it. First candle, sellers are in control. Open over here and closing near the lows.

23:00 Finally Tweezer Top and Bottom, right? So a Tweezer Top, right? Is this one over here, okay? So this actually a Tweezer Bottom.

24:26 How does this fit into the TAE framework, right? Remember the TAE, right? Trend, Area of value, and the Entry trigger. So now we have really settle the entry trigger portion because the reversal patterns that you have seen earlier, those are entry triggers that you can use to enter the trade. But before you, you know, you trade it right? Remember we said, right? Don’t trade it in isolation. This means that we have to use other factors or other market conditions, right?

This book over here will talk about how you can go about writing trends in the market. For price action trading, right? The ultimate guide to price action trading, this one will share with you on how you can better read the markets and better time your entries and exits. Pretty much similar to what you have learned today, but in a more in-depth manner. So go to my website and download these two trading guides. Click this blue button and I’ll send it to your email address for free.


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