The Top 5 Technical Indicators for Profitable Trading

In this video, we look at the top 5 technical indicators successful spread betters create their trading strategies from. We look at what the indicators mean and how they should be applied to the markets. We look at real-world examples as to how the signals and indications can lead to profitable trades.

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Traders looking for profitable technical indicators.
Traders wanting to learn how to use technical indicators.
Traders wanting to see examples of how to use indicators to identify trades.
Beginners looking for an understanding of how to use technical analysis.


-Most common mistakes with technical indicators
-Types of indicators
-Indicator 1: RSI
-Indicator 2: MACD
-Indicator 3: Bollinger band
-Indicator 4: Supertrend indicator
-Indicator 5: Indicator confluence
-Trading examples

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Welcome to the top five indicators of profitable trading.By the end of this video you have a good understanding of how people use technical indicators a trade with example to provide. Technical indicators can be very daunting for beginner traders, though have to be and by then does video you have an understanding of the most common technical indicators and how they can be used to support your trading. Firstly all the indicators are going to show you are created from basic candlestick data. The auto information from the open high low and close the basic price action. If you need to learn more about the basics candlesticks and please click here three-part candlestick series.

Here are some of the most common mistakes traders make the technical indicators. Don’t overload your screen with indicators and display the indicators that you actually use on your charts a lot of traders overload their charts with indicators as excuse to over trade.Remember indicators are just an indication of something happening in the market they are crystal ball trying to predict the future. Don’t blame the indicators where traders and workout no matter what indicators you use your still have to take losses in trading.

Two types of indicators. There are two types of markets trending and range bound or cyber to markets. A trending market looks like this but the market is moving in one direction arrange panel Cyprus market looks like this were the market is moving up and down within a specific range indicators tend to be either suited trending or range assignment markets.

Indicator one RSI. The relative strength index compares the magnitude of recent gains to recent losses in the attempt to determine overbought and oversold conditions of instrument as you can see from the chart the RSI ranges from 0 to 100. Insurance is deemed to be overbought once the RSI approaches the 70 level mean that it maybe getting overvalued and is a good candidate for pullback likewise if the RSI approaches 30, then the instrument is oversold and therefore like to reverse. Traders will often use the RSI coming back out of overbought or oversold conditions as a signal to enter the market.

A trade using RSI should be whether large rallies and drops in price will affect the RSI by potentially creating false buy or sell signals traders often come by the RSI such as the MACD.

Indicator two MACD. Moving average convergence divergences is one of the most well-known unused indicates in technical analysis this indicator is made of two exponential moving averages which help measure momentum henchmen. These moving averages and the changing distances between them become the MACD. Convergence means the moving averages moving closer together, divergence means they’re moving away from one another.

Indicator three Bollinger bands. A Bollinger band starts off as a simple moving average and has two standard deviations plotted away from it that sounds a mouthful but the important part is because standard deviation is a measure of volatility Bollinger bands adjust themselves to current market conditions. When markets become more volatile markets widen and move further away. Enjoying less volatile periods the band’s contract moving closer together. The typing of the bands of news by technical traders as an indication there may be volatility to follow.

Profitable indicators for trading
Biggest mistakes made with indicators
How to use indicators
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Technical analysis for trading



good video. As I told two markets trending and sideways. Which indicators fit better for which market ??

마이 쿨 방송 says:

Thank you so much for this

BeatBullsandBears_com says:

Great video and great indicators. But always remember the basic technical analysis. (Trends and formations)

rafiq farhan says:

niceeeee how to setting this 5 indicator ?

Dayta says:

others have wrote it already but its worth writing again this is the best video on indicators i have ever seen great work

Kevin Glancy says:

Where do you get that MACD indicator looks cool

AerialGuardian says:

Losses? What are those? I haven’t had one of those in 11 years.

Logan Orth says:

1. RSI

adrian peirson says:

excellent little video, thanks.

Umesh Kumar says:

Its seems like a good video ………..need to learn more

Cy Jay says:

amazing video. subscribed

rafiq farhan says:

how to setting MACD RSI in tf 15,30, h1 and h4 ? please response

Sonny Mery says:

would these indicators work on the crypto market with 1min and 5 min timeframe candle sticks?

Steve Cunningham says:

Just try a 50 period sma


Nice video.

jasim ayoub says:

Which charts application you are using in this video?

Alex Moxom says:

are indicators effective for day trading? or do the patterns require more long term data?

Daniel Vancoille says:

The false flag indication of the RSI you mention can easily be detected when using it at multiple time frames. Eg. If the RSI of the 1H, 4H and 1D timeframes are all showing currently overbought at the same time, that is way more powerful as an indication then when it shows overbought on the 1H timeframe only. (Just my 2 cents).

Wryso Choc says:

anyone sells the MACD indicator?

Orkhan Ahmadov says:

Great video ! thank you sir !

Widi Yatma says:


atlasdaddy says:

Very informative. Thank you

Marc Barling says:

great video

Joe Vincent Vicente says:

Freaking awesome!!

Enry Christanto says:

Great video!
Anyway I have a question, how many period of RSI should I use?

Kevin Dolan says:

What app or site do you use to look at all of those indicators because I’m having trouble finding good ones. And really good video by the way.

marianasreality says:

I’m very shocked that Ichimoku Kinko Hyo isn’t on the list.

Трофим Геворгян says:

This is informative. Thanks.

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Nice video

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