The Basics Of Technical Analysis Explained Simply In 8 Minutes

The Basics Of Technical Analysis & Technical Trading

Technical analysis and technical trading are explained simply in this casual and informative 8 minute training video which will help you learn how to trade using technical analysis and technical trading.

If you’ve ever been confused by technical analysis or technical trading in the past, this video will clear up any confusion you may have had.

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D Crouzet says:

Thank you Bill for simplifying the basics. I will definitely look for your other and future videos on this subject.

Family Fax says:

Great explanation for a complete novice! Thank you!

Marlyn Foley says:

I wish i can learned how to read the signals

TheSmurkey says:

Any investors that use technical analysis, should probably let someone else manage their money. Pretty much saying it a nice way, you are to lazy to make valuable investments.

Ron Kalra says:

In the chart above some of the green candles are filled and mostly the green candles are unfilled ( i.e. they have green borders only with empty body ). But in case of the red candles, all the red candles are filled ( and not border with empty body ). can you please tell us what’s the difference. Thank you 

Jake Smith says:

I understand that supply and demand changes the prices of stocks but what i’m curious about is, Who or what is taking into account of ALL the buyers and sellers for this specific stock and CONSTANTLY updating and changing the price every second of every moment of every year? I would assume that computers are doing this but where are these computers? In banks? Across the globe? Who owns these computers? Who is updating the prices?

Frenie Jr Moli says:

I am interested to know what software are you using and if this can also show PSE or Philippine Stock market. Kindly reply.

Robo says:

dude your videos are really good. id love to see more content from you. maybe some live day trading where you explain thought processes or even better you could record it live then later you could pause it at specific times to explain things. . you explain very well thank you

Andrew VanNess says:

I’m stoopid as fuck but applied this to cryptocurrency and made booooonk.

Dive Into New English says:

Great! Thanks. I’ll be watching for. I definitely want to learn more about the triangle thing

ikkeennigij121 says:

Hey, I was looking trough your videos and really glad you explain it in detail.
I’m really interested in the trading scheme and I was wondering what program you’re using to view the charts.
At the moment i’m using plus500 but find it a bit lacking in its indicators.

Wisdombluetooth says:

U got a nice voice sir.

Cynthia Camacho says:

triangle… traders.. better make my video game loving son to enter into this thing to make money …

Quine Fine says:

What is your software of choice?

Price Action Trader says:

Triangle? Just trade the pipdaq setups like I do to make money. Price action and a couple of MA’s are all you need!

John Medley says:

I like your analysis but you should put your trades on Verified Investing, the site confirms the trades of all gurus like you and lets us know we can trust you.

kLieKos says:

What program is he using?

The Word says:

+Profits Run Kindly organize your videos into a playlist to aid comprehension. It’s 2016 and you need to be organized. Thank You!

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