The Basics Of Swing Trading | Investing 101

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Frank says:

Correction – Adderall addled creep.


Sincerely, this video is NOT “the basics” of swing trading. Don’t waste your time unless you love Ricky !
You’re welcome.

Antonio Pano says:

which time frame is he using?

Ziad Kamel says:

DUDE !!!
you are talking way too fast !!!

David Potkins says:

I love your videos and it’s been so useful but can you please not talk so fast. Thanks

TenTonNuke says:

“The Basics”
“Investing 101”
Immediately jumps into consolidation around 180 EMA line at a rate that suggests he’s been freebasing Adderall for a month straight.
If this was a collegiate intro to stock market class, I would already be planning on withdrawing.

Ramon Torres says:

yooo why you talk so f** fast . hold on bruuhh!!

Frank says:


Jared Hatch says:

Ugaz is now over 100. Egg on our face

TheVicdub says:

Why does every video starts showing these charts without ever explaining what it means?? How to read them?? Why do you assume that we already know everything?

Cody Stephenson says:

he’s clear headed, intelligent and concise. and is also saving me time

ahsanullah shanto says:

Swing trading is a type of trading helps a trader enjoy a good sum of trading profit. A reliable trading broker should be selected for swing trading indeed. Trade12 is a good option to the swing traders because the broker allows traders with wide range of deposit bonus, narrow trading spread, superior fast execution and smart bridge technology.

Stryder Creekmore says:

If I join the 4.99 membership can I get private help

manny cortes says:

had to slow this down to watch

JB Jones says:

Explain how you see the extra value in trading etf’s over other trades?im a new investor and have about 25k to start with do you see tsla as a good option for a first timer? Have you traded any lithium extraction companies? Or AI?

Michael Obonyo says:

When someone makes you feel like you don’t know what you know…

Jerry Pollitt says:

Help Discord seems to have locked up and I can’t find site to close mine and re-open , You’re one of the best and I hate to lose your site

TheVicdub says:

What you had to cover was

1) where do I see these charts
2) how to read the patterns in the chart
3) where do I find paper Trading
4) how much money should I enter to start trading initially.
5) when to buy when to sell as per the chart?
6) how to know it will change from red to green.

These are the few answers I was looking for

A Shepherd says:

Talks way to fast to teach

Mubashar Hafeez says:

discount for military member..good work Ricky

Gerald Villacarlos says:

speed to .75, yw.

Greg Esser says:

slow down, you sound like a used car salesman.

Daniel L says:

10.06 has not taken a red position ytd? Full of shit!

Jon Matthews says:

Very impressed dude 🙂

superslim121 says:

“ One day at band camp “

steven says:

How do you determine your confirmation points?

Donut Viper says:

Young man…I add many of your videos to ‘education’. I work at a jail almost 16 hours a day, 5 days a week. Your work will free up some time for me to spend more time with my family. Good work, my friend and thank God for people like you that genuinely want to help others.

John Noe says:

Thanks bud. Ran through some of your Day trading vids and realized swing is better for my lifestyle.


Talk faster

Kenneth Welch says:


Maximus K says:

Can you please slow down when you talk ? Everything is good except fast talk.

Claire Maillot says:

I promised Dmitry vladislav I will share my testimony as soon as I start using his strategy to make money on swing trading, it’s been four months since I started using the Dmitry Vladislav Strategy after trying it on paper trade and I have been making $5500 weekly . it’s just amazing you can search google for his strategy better information.

Daniel Hernandez says:

You’re the man Ricky! I bet you make your family so proud! Such an inspiration!

Scotty S says:

what advice to someone with 2k start up about swing trading? I have been reading and studying about the markets for several months and using Robinghood and TD Ameritrade for thinkswim to scan markets.

Ramon E Alvarez says:

Dude breathe!! You talk non stop!

MixeTube says:

UGAZ is now tending down lol. Underneath all emas. What say you?

Larry Brown says:

Great job Ricky

Jorge Gomez says:

Is that a 180d Ema line?


Hello Ricky,Would you accept into your Facebook group if I create a brand new Facebook account for my business ventures? I would like to keep my business activity separate from personal. Thanks!

John T says:

How is this “basics for swing trading”? You don’t explain anything and you talk a million words per minute. SSSSLLLLOOOWWWW it down, guy.

TheVicdub says:

What’s an ETF?

Chris Platt says:

Great lecture! I have been learning how to trade for about a year. I think I found a technique that works for me.

darrin russell says:

why is the program so much money?

cory black says:

is jnug gold in nadex? or totally different?

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