The Basics of Stochastics Trading Explained Simply In 4 Minutes

The Basics of Stochastics Trading

Stochastics trading and the stochastics oscillator are explained simply in this casual and informative 4 minute training video which will help you learn how to trade using the stochastics indicator.

If you’ve ever been confused by stochastics trading or the stochastics indicator in the past, this video will clear up any confusion you may have had.

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ianceltic1 says:

what time frame

Carlos Navarro says:

Simple and effective – thanks for sharing!

Hunter Hammonds says:

Unless you are counter-trend trading.

Irene Wesley says:

If i was to choose a mentor, i will still choose you Mr. Wayne. I have seen a lot of people come on here to sell strategies that they never had yet still fail but with your help i have become much more better.

Carlos Hendricks says:

Thank You Sir

Hey Gwen says:

I already have a checklist of my own as a beginner (just 1 month into forex trading) and I always believe something is missing. This is the missing piece. I don’t understand fibonacci so I may consider that later but this one is super helpful. Thank you very much!

Anupam C says:

wonderfully explained! many thanks from India 🙂

Pip Baxter says:

So succinctly described with excellent graphics…thank you very much

d mat says:

This hinge on the fact that a formula was set by you.  How do you setup your formulas and Why?

Parker Cameron says:

Special thanks to Mr Scott the trade god, i never knew such a great and honest man still exist in this world of Forex/ binary options, after loosing almost a fortune to these fake account managers and brokers, Thank you Mr Scott i have recovered all what i have lost, just in few weeks with your great strategy, thank you sir.

Louie Verdin says:

awesome! straight and to the point!! all other videos i’ve seen on stock charts go on and on about nothing. they don’t get to the point! great job.

DeepThinking Economics says:

Can you say that this does not work if the markets inticipate a certain news release or other fundamental data, that it only works in the lack of fundamentals?

Nantchev says:

So, would you agree that they do not work well in a sideways market and a general rule of thumb would be to sell/ buy when the lines cross?

ki5ngau says:

Smart guy in the room.

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