The 4 Top Stock Patterns To Know Before Trading | Swing Trading

Hey team i hope you all enjoyed my 4 step system on the top patterns i see the most value in and why. i believe its an easy concept to understand when investing in the stock market. if you want any more help in trading stocks and penny stocks, feel free to click the link below to learn how!

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MrLedh says:

I have a bmw with 645HP, you really need attention hahahahaha

Ismail AA says:

Thanks man, good info by far

Mike Dickson says:

What do you charge to teach

Mark itZero says:

Dude outro music busted my ears up.

Bilbo says:

Just watch the video at .75 of normal speed and everything is a little easier to understand. 🙂

बेहतर दुनिया says:

right now that chart is horrible(HIMX).

Harry Bosch says:

Hey Ricky,. Looked at your training program. Looks really good. Since I work full time will that help me with more of a swing trading and eventually lead to full time ? This!!!

Mark Montante says:

So far watched two of your vids and they are highly insightful. Keep up the good work.

Jorge Lomeli says:

What trading software do you use?

Christopher Crepon says:

lol why buy overpriced cars :

Samuel Tuka says:

Ricky thanks for the lessons. everything seems so simple going through with you. can’t wait to watch others videos of your.

Durell Lefebvre says:

What do you mean by old resistance levels and new support levels

Timothy Wilson says:

It’s a 15 Period (Not Days) EMA and not a 180 day EMA.

leonard krasniqi says:

is there a other word for the IMA line you used ?

Sanket Chikalge says:

Which software are u using ??

Team Lawl says:

I have a problem can someone tell me how i can get that Type of screening on my laptop

Christopher Rosenbalm says:

How do you narrow down what stocks to look at? cant spend all day looking through every stock and checking the there something in the left column you look at that say hey ill check this stock out?

Jeremy Gliksman says:

Would be nice to have some pauses between your phrases and words…

Thiemann Nici says:

Another downside is that they do not offer a level 2 data for OTC stocks.

Will Ganness says:

I can understand nothing from the video – too much yapping at 100 mph with no explanation as to wtf is he doing or trying to do.

Jervis Findlayson says:

what time frame would you look at to identify a pattern for day trading. 1min, 5mins or 1dy?

Andolii says:

what software are you using in this video?

Matthew Hawryluk says:

Anybody know the best way to view live quotes afterhours

Sean Monahan says:

What software is used in this video?

Flores Industries Transportation says:

Hey Ricky (or anyone) do you have any videos on how to find potential stocks to swing or day trade? I’ve been going through your vid history but can’t find one…I appreciate your help in advance!

rockzz22 says:

In this video he is saying he is using the 180 ema I think he is using the 13 ema and just got it confuse because he is using the 180 day 4 hours chart

Harry Bosch says:

Ricky is great tutor. Tks bud learned a lot from u and continue to learn

Mike says:

Dude, I love your videos, but your outtro (opposite for intro) is so loud compared to when you are speaking. It blasts me outta my chair when you have headphones on.

C G says:

Sweet vid, thanks.

Saki Dog says:

making 24% on AMD thanks!

Bosheng Cao says:

I’m never gonna look at stocks the same way ever again

richard spencer says:

Do you always use the 180 day @ 4 hour chart?

Einar Kvaran says:

What’s that app he uses on his computer named

Guilherme Deus says:

What platform is this?

JB x Verified says:

what app is this?

Brian Hay-Roe says:

Do you ever look at the business itself or do you consider the business constant when evaluating these prices… you seem very figure based (Which I understand is most important)

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