Technical Analysis Secrets: What Most Trading Gurus Will Never Tell You (by Rayner Teo)

Discover the truth about Technical Analysis — when to use it, when NOT to use it, and how it really works.

Here’s the deal:

Technical Analysis is not what you think.

1. You can’t rely on overbought (or oversold) indicators — the market will prove you wrong most of the time.

2. If you wait for a Moving Average Crossover, it’s usually “too late” as the price has moved substantially.

3. Candlestick patterns are no better than a coin flip. You probably have better odds going against it.


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Ubiratan Gonzaga says:

How do you choose the period of a Moving Average?

Rεεsε’s Ρυffs says:

Very good video

Ekene Charles says:

very resourceful Rayner, more grace to you. So much in one video, it can only come from you

1 M views Official says:

Wonderful Feeling

Prathap Shetty says:

very nice thanks for the explanation.

Ariez dela Peña says:

Bravo… Thanks sir follower form philippines

Anish says:

Thank You For Making This Video Now I Can Properly Read Charts

ankit singh says:

unique and quality content as always . Thanks Rayner.

Cristian Micu says:

so much knowledge from you, i still cant find setups (and timeframes) to trade
i did read your ebooks
lost interest for a long period of time in 2018 🙁
will try again starting new year, with a kind of written plan this time

i also have a visual tip for you, since all charts end up to the right edge of screen, try to put your small window with you on the left edge of the screen 😉

Andrew Borntrager says:

No mention of RSI? Perhaps the most useful indicator.

Natasha A Samuel says:

very concise! Thanks Rayner


Hey bro..thanks much much much for every video dude

Lainys says:

Love it. just solid Love straight forward to your lessons. this and all the other lessons are just so helpful and concise to the point where all the traders need. Thank you once, twice, Thrice.

Maverick says:

Amazing video, very grateful that you share all this knowledge with us man! Highly appreciated!

Ng Zhi Xian says:

Hi Reyner , could u make a video of identifying technical corrections ? Like what r the signs to look out for

skeeter says:

Fantastic, you have a very good understanding of the market. You know your charts and indicators, logic and common sense, no BS.

ven alejandro says:

wow..a best video on T.A. summary i have watched…thank you so much..more power.

Discover Yoga Retreats says:

Thank you very much Rayner for a very informative video!

Cristian Micu says:

i have a question:
 if you start the trendline on february 2018 and ignore the top left height, that upper trendline will touch every lower high, is that better or it is better to get the longest line possible(like you did)?

DesertFalcon5 says:

Rayner, Thanks for your passing along some of your extensive knowledge concerning Technical Analysis. You do a good job of explaining this complicated subject.

Boss 8055 says:

Best video on YouTube in this subject

Mango Buddhy says:

Great video!
You sound a lot like Adam Khoo btw!

Ajith kumar says:

Thanks for your time Rayner …very useful

Velani Mgwili says:

you are a good teacher l do no know about forex l want to know it before l start trading.

Jose Garcia says:


Abdus Samad says:

Why the buyers push up the prices, the buyers would want to buy at a lower price and sell it at a higher price, can you please clarify?

sunil says:

does the color of hammer or Doji matter? shoudl we look for green candle on hammer ?

Million Dollar says:

Great info, do you have. Spread sheet with candles and names that I can print out please, that will help a lot thanks for all the info

adekunle alabi says:

Thank you for sharing.

irphan burondkar says:


Chris Vassallo says:

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jessie daniels says:

I love your videos, very clear and understanding

Jim Anderson says:

Rayner, I just recently discovered your channel. Simply some of the best youtube content for traders! Understandable, practical, useable. Just great. Looking forward to your future videos!

Abhishek Kumar says:

How you sell wicks. We see wicks once the candle has closed

Jay Twix says:

you’re the real life superman 🙂

Madhavan Pb says:

liked very much

ankit singh says:

a request Rayner, your photo window in the video is obstructing the chart view. plz. place it in some other place so that it will not obstruct the full view of the chart, or u may also add it in a separate pane beside the chart.

Rayner Teo says:

Do you want to read the price action of the markets like a professional trader?

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deena dhayalan says:

Great Bro

Mavicity Relayson says:

Amazing how you teach the candlesticks with a plot behind the shapes. I can almost imagine the battle of the buyers and the sellers in each candlestick.

Murtaza Sana says:

Trice, hahah I love this guy

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