Stock Market Technical Analysis 2-22-19

Technical analysis of the US stock market via SPY, QQQ, /ES & /NQ along with a discussion of some considerations to make with position sizing when trading.


Wade Cornick says:

Thanks for adding in the last segment to your video. Those are great points of advice that we need to be reminded every now and then. Thanks!

Chris Choir says:

To be fair, as overpriced as the market is, the economic fundamentals are pretty still good. 87, 2001, 2008 eras had economic issues. Foreign markets were in tough shape back then too.

Stock Market Investing says:

Pullback higher, pullback higher, pullback higher lol

Steven Smith says:

Thanks Randy. Sea ya!

Andrea Martins says:

Many thanks to Mr henrik Raymond for his support on my trade, i never believed such an honest man still exist with such a good heart
With the help of Mr henrik raymond am Able to live life to its standard

bloodphantom81 - Stock Market Videos says:

if finally looks like sentiment is starting to become too bullish 🙂 I usually check your comment section for sentiment analysis, first time people are so hostile towards your comments about being short

Paul says:

I don’t know. I think you are drawing it wrong. Or I am not sure if your charting program is different. The Wedge never broke out on my chart. I am talking about SPY.

Kunwar Kochar says:

Seems like you’re trying to justify your reason to sell your longs earlier than you should have.

Paul Grainger says:

Thank you!

michael flegel says:

No, taking profits early needs no excuse especially at the top of a rising wedge. Making your batches the right size makes all the sense in the world. That was a great reminder if you lose 50% of a $100,000 portfolio you need 100% to get it back. Let’s say to a bunch of Miss sized stop outs you’re out 50% heaven forbid over a year. It could take a couple years to get that back. This might be a stretch but Randy talks about it all the time. In the 1990s Intel was it 50 or 60 bagger. Now if you had bought it March 5th 2000 you still have a long way to go to get your money back. That puts it into perspective
. So much for buying hold

Tristan Marroquin says:

Easy Clap from Yesterday.

Kyle V says:

Comment on RR. Seriously. Who would buy here? Even if you were a large fund working on a half baked bull argument. Wouldnt you back off and let people sell down to buy at better prices ? The natural flow of the markets is gone. 9 weeks up literally happened once in the past 20 years and into an accelerating GDP economy

Ravjir Urjinee says:

Hey Man. Like your as always. Check 1937 DJI. Same retracement as of today. Drop is about 40%

maplestory says:

No selling next week. The Wall Street has been “optimistic” about the trade talks for two months. And it will be likely keeping this dream for a while.

Ravjir Urjinee says:

Also 1937 Bear Market rally took 9 weeks and exact same retracement. Then crashed. So next week will tell as

jerry coulage says:

Made 200% on SPX calls today…..again…as you push the short story… really do suck!

Ron says:

Randy – thanks so much for your videos. You are helping me improve my trading skills tremendously and really appreciate your insight!

Abdulrahman Alshayeg says:

Hi Randy,
I wanted to thank you for these videos and I wanted to know if you have read my comment on yesterday video 21.Feb.2019.
It had two important hints.

Hint #1: FED Balance Sheet broke the four 4 Trillion level
$3,981,420 Million
Hint #2: Draw an extended trendline that touches the top of Jan.2018 and the top of Dec.2018. It should go underneath the Sep.2018 top. That will be the ceiling of the S&P500. The S&P future instrument touched that trendline yesterday 21.Feb.19.

jerry coulage says:

Horrible technical analysis……as usual you are on the WRONG SIDE OF THE CHART……F Ideot!

Chris Hopkin says:

Thanks for the heads up!!!

Obsessed with Lawn & Odds with GR says:

ty. for your insight. all the haters please go watch someone else

Allen Chiu says:

We can’t be in a recession if we are still hiring people

Bernard Vorac says:

We were breaking Down as you made the video, but we surged higher into the close. Damn. I really thought we had our downtrend. Now we will move inexorably higher and higher and higher and higher, past 2800 and higher and higher and negate the divergences and keep going higher to 2850 with no retracement and keep moving higher and higher to 2900 with no breakdown and then move higher and faster to 2950, and then higher to 3000.

Gladamgone says:


David Scher says:

There will be an ‘event’ coming here soon. I’m sure that will be a catalyst for the next inevitable drop. We are literally in a bubble within a bubble right now. No bueno for the longs..My opinion at least.

Left Campo says:

TY Randy.

No shame in being early.

Andrew Conte says:

Looks like head and shoulders to me

DonCost says:

Woops still wrong!

Chris Choir says:

S&P could break 2950?? yeah baby

michael flegel says:

I agree any they could pop the bubble. But oh, I don’t think the market is priced in an agreement with China. If that comes over the weekend we could open up 5% higher easily it goa up from there. Did Randy say if that happened the wedge just simply goes away?

grow proteas says:

No bear market with $NYSI at 1252 – sorry won’t happen

AZmisc says:

Thank you sir!

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