Stock Market Technical Analysis 1-16-19

Technical analysis providing the near, intermediate & long-term outlook for the US stock market via SPY, QQQ, MDY, IWM, /ES & /NQ.


Tommy Gun says:

so what are looking for as a buy signal

Stock Market Investing-Stock Market Trading says:

$262 and the algo ramp job ends 🙂

David C says:

Awesome work Randy. Thanks for your work.

avek mitra says:

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Gary Savage says:

I’ll say it again. This is not how bear market rallies behave. We had a historic breadth thrust coming out of the December bottom. That’s not bear market action. It’s new bull market behavior. We are starting the second phase of the secular bull market. This phase we should have new leaders. The Fang stocks led the first 10 years. The next 10-15 years should be led by biotech, nanotech, robotics, clean energy, autonomous transportation, and semis. It’s time for the semis to finally breakout above that 2000 top on a sustained basis.

Augusto de Nevrezé says:

2520 –> 2690 –> [2200-2000]

brian says:

Thanks Randy…The resistance 260 level on SPY is the most significant support level since the 2009 bottom. It marks both the the end of the bull market and the beginning of the bear market.
We first see 2558.00 on the S&P in April of 2018. There is an old trader that pointed it out to me. It’s VERY easy to see on a 10 year chart. The first two big dips since the steady run up of the chart since 2009, happened in April of 2018. He said it was clear sign of the bear ! He said the 2nd dip in April confirmed that the first dip was real. I have been watching 260 on SPY or 2558.00 on the S&P since then, and it keeps proving he was right. It’s the very edge of the cliff.
Yes the market continued to climb past 2558. but it do so very difficulty and then it bent over at 2633.00 and the fall off has been rocky as the climb was as well. Once the market returned to 2558.00 the DOW quieted.
Also I got to see that on the return back down to 2558.00 that the S&P was very calmly day by day shaving a bit more each day off of it’s self, while the Dow at the same time was in daily swings up and down.
I think the only thing keeping the market from doing a swan dive from the 2558.00 level, as everything is messed in the economy, is the money the Fed is pumping into the economy “at this time.” If they were to stop there is nothing that would hold up the market. LOOK OUT BELOW .

John Doe says:

Thank you Randy for doing what u do. I learn a lot from your analysis, your always on the right side of the market.

Krops23 says:

Really expecting a reversal after today.

Marc Duchamp says:

This break is certainly taking up a loooooooooong looooooooooong time to execute

Caged m46 says:

Thanks for the analysis. Keep up the good work

Gary Savage says:

Dumb money traders are still buying lots of puts. This kind of skepticism means there’s lots of fuel for this rally to go much much higher before we need to worry about anything other than short term pullbacks.

a64750 says:

Feels like Rally mode

Technical Khalol says:

Aap k chainal per video upload karvani hai contect me

Paul says:

Whether he is right or wrong, I subscribed to this page. Do you know why because he actually has balls to call the direction unlike many of other Youtubers. Respect.

HC says:

Great video, thanks. Longer term target of 2120 actually does seem entirely reasonable, as you stated

Tosh Iguchi says:

I don’t see SPY reaching 280 with only single digit earnings growth. I noticed that people are getting less bearish. With the Fed on our side and the trade talks reportedly progressing, it’s hard to be super bearish. It was much easier back in December. Next leg down will come when no one is willing to short for more than a few points.

nolimits4us says:

First time visit. Analysis was great.

zalphyrus says:

So this is it, this is what it all comes down to.

Abdullah Awni says:

Great analysis as always Randy. Thank you

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