Stock Market Crash 2019 Technical Analysis

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ElCongo050 says:

Interesting Info

Denis Levashov says:

What volatility ETFS you recommend? What gold stocks/etfs you recommend?

Billy Hills says:

I know what I’m gona short

Julio Ch. says:

What happens when the entire market crashes and you have puts? Will our brokers pay?
Don’t you like gold GDX?
Excellent analysis as always.
Thank you

kriskpl100 says:

Great video.
Thank you. !

Brandon Beavis Investing says:

Enjoyed the watch! Relatively new sub here, but video was well explained.

Boardgame Knight says:

Dude, that BRT art in the background belongs on the wall – baddass. On a side note, Youtube wants me to stop watching your video and click on a Jason Bond ad… three times throughout your video here. “Eat, Sleep and Trade, baby”? What does that even mean?

Pragmatic Gaming says:

Thanks for being straight up about it. I pulled out of most of my stocks for now.

Not going to risk much these days.

Rory says:

Im almost down 30%

Kyle Vallans says:

Glad we had that talk last week. Very similar outlook on the overall market. Personally, think 150 is on its way (50% retracement, double top support from 1999-2000, and 2006-2008)

Daniel Hughes says:

Great as always! Thanks for the analysis and explanation of what’s going on and what’s in front of us.

Chris S says:

Agreed except for fundementals trump the chart. Not really when you consider all the earnings pops, in some cases, great earnings that just got sold right off. Great report – bad market, bad – charts = charts won. And scary right, fib 61.8 level is usually the golden one. OUCH! Let’s hope not…. but the chart does say so…

Laura Richie says:

am still getting to that

Joseph Kosteniuk says:

Ray Dalio does an awesome explanation of the larger cycle, as well as another explanation of what you’re talking about. An awesome intro to macro economics, inflation, and bubbles. It’s called “How the Economic Machine Works”.

koolyo2foots says:

Peter Schiff is a legend just from his occupy Wall Street I am the 1% video.

AussieMoneyMan says:

Thanks man! I definitely agree with that we aren’t even near the bottom yet.

John Lapak says:

Hey Connor, great analysis as always and I agree — the worst is likely long from over. One thing I thought I’d mention, today the market priced out the chance of any hikes in 2019. In fact, there is a >20% chance that they cut rates by the June FOMC meeting. Things are definitely getting interesting…

Jesse Atwood says:

I saw Mike Maloney draw the same fibs. The technicals are kinda scary

RDH Hudson says:

Dude — you just broke that down with total comprehension… Props!!

David says:

Hey Connor what are some volatility index funds you like to hold during these times? I have been making consistent 30-40% gains this past month swinging VIX and SPXU

Tylerio Billetera says:

@theboilerroom would it be smart to buy foreign currency since the Dollar is most likely to depreciate from this?

Lauren Eldridge says:

Great video!! I agree and I’ve been getting into mostly cash for a few months. I’m trading more ETFs like TVIX, SQQQ, JNUG. Thanks for the info and all the time you take!

Nikhil Bhardwaj says:

Wow .. just wow

Jordan Chua says:

Finally someone who isn’t delusional

I have a good point says:

Huge fan of Peter Schiff. You speak the truth dude. Great video style too, reminds me of Data Dash.
BRB Loading up on Puts!

neal cassady says:

what’s interesting to me is apple had a huge sell off over night but then was flat all day. why no sell off during the day? do you think all the people are already out of apple?

LauraNY says:

thank you Connor …. from what you’ve been saying decided to hold jnug in 9.05 😉

Stephano says:

Agreed! Very good Analysis.

Wise Fool says:

Brilliant video, in fact all your videos are so valuable to me. Thank you so much for all of the great content.

stangtrax says:

$1653.08, I’m not sure anymore but I been saying that number for three years where the S&P 500 needs to pull back to then go up again.

Feng says:

There will be a bounce at 240 towards 270, 280. Then dropping to 220 is very reasonable and possible. If 180, I will buy the whole shit.

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