Mastering Trend Lines

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marley the says:

hai sir..i want to learn from u..
how sir?

Salty Dog says:

this is alot of waffle, explaining the same point in the same way over and over again. talking about some ‘big boy’ but theres no explanation of who that is or how its relating to the charts. Kept watching in hope of the ‘aha’ moment but there just isnt one.

Rudy Chong says:

woah this is dope .

Swapnil Harne says:

you impressed me

Matthew Glynn says:

whats he saying between support and resistance, sounds like supporticles resistance


It is really very good information. Thank you SIR ^^

D R says:

Hi Urban Forex, a silly question, but MPA and price action applies to stocks as well, correct? Thanks

Jozy Starks says:

I am finally making money and with fewer mistakes, friend I want you to be my mentor, as soon as I have the money I buy everything you have available, in this week I created a small account of 50 dollars and now I have 300 dollars, woooow thank you so much for this videos.

Ruslan Malakhowskiy says:

For me your explanation was not clear.

A Dope Point of View says:

fist time here

richard aguirre says:

u opened my eyes man

Nathan julien says:

a pole going up or down three candle counting the pole is that support or resistance how many candle would say support if dip up or down


Traders slaughtered by market…again by you…Trend lines will must master them.

Jason T says:

Lots of epiphanies from this video. I’ve seen so many examples of people dropping in trend lines with zero explanation as to why they were dropped there. Most people just seem to use them to help validate their own conclusions instead of actually analyzing the market.

So what happens when one of those small retracements/pullbacks is coupled with heavy volume (say, as much or more than the suspected trend)? Does that impact the importance of the correction?

Sagar Kapoor says:

Just need some advice, either the mentor or any reader of my comment, as many trend lines were created and erased on the chart in this video, won’t it be a mess at some point if I make trend lines with this speed…

Kenny Kentang says:

Not clear at all

Brandon Krueger says:

great video. thankyou

Pasta says:

I learned nothing about trend lines. But learned a decent amount about price action. Not completely disappointed, only slightly.

Nm Smith says:

Cannot see what the point of this is

Kim August says:

South Africa

Snir Ahiel says:

Can someone advise me on a good Proprietary Trading Fund for FX traders?

Jozy Starks says:

great video, i have no seen this info, thank you

Richard Harris says:

Thank you thank you thank you. Your videos are an invaluable source of knowledge and exp and skills.

Mike W says:

This is great! Thanks

c s. says:

Basically all I’m learning is that trend lines dont work… So many fake outs and so you have to see how the bb are reacting to s&r.

munni ghaun says:

Do anyone know about Trabeplom System? Does it work? I hear a lot of people earn money in the forex trading with this popular forex guide.

Salah Uddin says:


Virgil Straker says:

first time for me too

farid says:

is forex (market maker) serious

Nour Eldeen says:

i wasted a whole hour from my life !

fun time says:

why u not take the name pakistan
in pakistan have so many traders

Keith Greenshields says:

Thanks for the video. It is eye opening. TY


Wowwwwwwwww i never seen man like you soooooooo great analysis i love it you are so helpful i reallyyyyyy like your nature keep it up bro

Igor K says:

Would this apply to cryptocurrency markets?

Thamsanqa Tman says:

do you have watsapp group,if yes plz add me 0613211231

Pj Foughty says:

“Does That Make Sense”

Julius Owuonda says:

Watching this one year later..thanks man

VISION says:

you need to get to the point when you’re explaining things.

Robert Dorsey says:

Hmmm…. very interesting… Thanks for being a blessing and sharing…

Edin Arneas says:

Thank you very much. Your work is fine. I like it.

CryptoLand says:

Amazing explaination. Love the story telling in your TA

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