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Mark D. says:

Dead Wrong, Proof your TA doesn’t mean shite!!

Валентина Рябухина says:

I managed to buy a Telegram – token today too Waiting for a great growth)

Triple Threat says:

MJ is dead

Omran Al Jbawi says:

What about if the Market drops over 2%? Would you still consider the oversold bounce?

Glenn McMullen says:

Do they same TA guidelines for bounces/RSI also apply to the smaller cap MJ stocks outside of the big 4 you usually cover?… they’re basically all red as well as I am sure you know but lower percentage decreases for the most part except for a few that were on par or even worse. Many thanks!

Mike VS Mike says:

Thanks Dan!

EyEHaVeYoU 1 says:

What is people’s opinion on CBIS?

viviann napp says:

This is fascinating!

Christoph Haddad says:

Awesome video Dan, just want to let people know out here is that the calls that Dan makes is risk to return and if it doesn’t go that way don’t be pissed none of us chart people can read the future. Dan quick question what is your exit srategy if the dump plays out ?

Nick Hill says:

Are you an eternal bull?

James Larson says:

Dan I’m a big options guy, do you ever play options on these oversold bounces?

Eric Hughes says:

I would love to watch a video of you executing this trade tomorrow. I know you need to focus on what you are doing, but I would love to see some live trade videos even if there is little commentary.

unmusedtails says:

I’m thinking of playing APH instead. Any other reason why you’re not besides WEED being the market leader? Fundamentals?


I was refreshing your channel waiting for this update thank you so much!

Bei Niu says:

DAN!! Do you think that APH and ACB will go up again? I have been sitting at ACB:10.20 and APH:12.80… Yep I got no money left to invest now that it’s low, but I’m planning to wait until legalization and see what happens.

luke 9:23 says:

Always talking about pot.

cz L says:

if you are holding a big position of MJ sector, and already lost 20% of your position, would you keep it until Fall or .?

Sura S says:

Do you not think we may have a 2 day bounce like the last time…. if we have a strong bounce tomorrow of 10% do you not think we would at least gap up on thursday?

Thermal Turkey says:

Great channel. You are the first person who has explained things where I actually understand. Do you have any advice on how one could learn your method? I have no idea where to start. Taking a class? Reading a book? How did you learn?

Nick Taylor says:

My guess is we’ll bounce off $25.63

Patrice Martin says:

Looking at the market today looks like no bounce up to be seen today. How looow can it goooo

Maple Mike says:

What i would give too be all cash right now, thanks Dan your channel is awesome! Best insight on youtube.

Hedgehog Fox says:

I just know Dan is going to make a video tonight.

Patrick says:

There were 4997 views 2 months ago, now down to 1,000, no one makes money watching your videos, it’s just a matter of how many have any money left !

Твоя ставка! says:

ИКО телеграмма открыта предварительная продажа для обычных пользователей) буквально через пару дней они расхватали 85% токенов. Мне удалось купить 2500 жетонов на

Escudo Chatea says:

What exchanges are you guys using for these particular stocks? Any noob friendly? O:)

Lee Brittain says:

Thanks Dan. Love your insights on TA and life in general. You are amazing!

thomas bentele says:

All thinks goes to MR MICHEAL for his guidelines on forex trading, he has being a good teacher you can not be with MR MICHEAL and loss a trade or have you lost in trying to trade forex the only man that can do it for you and make you smile again is MR MICHEAL you can contact him. michealryann133@gmail .com

Nick Hill says:


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