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Bitcoin Ethereum Litecoin Technical Technical Analysis Chart for 2018

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James Kachan says:

I used to really enjoy the technical analysis. Now I enjoy the Dan personality and show and tell time / philosophy chats just as much!
Keep doing what you’re doing good sir. Thank you!

RiveringVegas 13 says:

You know Dan is making Bank well making this video. Definitely in a trade. That’s why he couldn’t take his eyes off the other screen. You are da man Dan!

Jeff McMullen says:

Dan, Always appreciate your analysis. Very well done. I’m from Jackson, WY (and Grand Teton NP) and now live in Utah and Idaho so really can relate to your video journey in many places. Thx for sharing.

Nikola says:

Hey Dan. Thank you for the overview. I think I’ve been to that Utah hot spring. Is it near Spanish Forks Utah? Do you think you can let me know where it is? Maybe going to Utah and would love to check that out! Much appreciated!

George Kulian says:

Hey Dan keep up the good work ,,,
Liked video a lot

Dave 123 says:

good video Dan…very informative

Trevor Hendrix says:

OH??? HARV????

Ace G says:

Where are the glasses?!

DunnDeegan says:

I sensed sarcasm but…CBII MJAR TILT CROP NF GHG…. 😀 lol

Kalvin Reese says:

CBD farmers can’t keep up – business is a booming y’all !!

Peanuts Andcorn says:

Posted at 4:20!

Dom Farmer says:

So this is about low and high candles, yeah?

Wang Jingyi says:


Jay Snyder says:


gstat010 says:

Hey Dan. Thank you for all the videos and very much appreciate your lessons. I had learned about CL through your previous video and it is very interesting chart. Could you add it to your reviews? Thank you


nicklezetc says:

Oh yes baby I got into CXXI at $1.60 thanks to Dan and and Midas Letter for conveniencing me to get back into mj again

Big Chungus says:

The nature segment was good inspiration

Matthew Heckman says:

Thanks again. I look forward everyday to all your videos!

Awesome Pico says:

I love your videos man! Keep it up. When do you see ACB buying back some shares to kill some of this dilution?

M Lippy says:

Hey. love your videos. Would love you to cover CANN? CXXI? META? TOKI? HITI? occassionally. Either way thanks for the videos and keep it up 🙂

Kempo Consulting says:

Jedi Master Dan’s Moral of the story for today … Keep your eyes peeled … Whatever that means.

Ryan says:

Can you go into detail on how you play the hourly oversold bounce?

Calgary Real Estate Advantage says:


Jim Lee says:

Thanks Dan. Always good information. Also, thanks for all of the help over on Slack side. Made money today again.

Ace G says:

Cron clear daily EQ bear break and no follow thru=big red flag for das bearz

Ryan Levin says:


Guillaume Migner says:

no questions, just been grateful,thank you!

Johndoe024 says:

Thank you Dan

d4nielski says:

Thanks for taking the time again Dan.

Jonathan Salemi says:

Thank you Dan. And I think it’s safe to say I enjoyed the nature segment just as much as the charting segment.

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