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Bitcoin Ethereum Litecoin Technical Technical Analysis Chart for 2018

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Randy Evanoff says:

You always say you might not get a video out and I get depressed. Then you put out a video…on time hahaha. CMD is the man!

K Türk says:

What about Btc mate

Jay Dee says:

That was cool!

뷰티풀뚝배기 says:

Village farm also closed very strong, set the daily high and closed near the high of the day

Tony M. says:

Thank you for doing a video for us on your vacation. Good work. 🙂

S E says:

Acb earnings on Monday

yannik belanger says:

Thank you for taking time doing a video in vacation.

Seth Borneman says:

Biosynthesis will destroy your foolish potstock investments.

bang your head says:

Do you think it’s better to trade something you know all the time than trade something that pops up on your radar for one reason or another? I make a short list every morning from scans and other lists, but I think even on a bad day I’m probably better off trading CGC or CRON. Honestly, I’m just too slow to make adjustments in the morning. If I pick something to focus on and it’s not moving, I start clicking around on different charts, confuse myself, and end up making a mistake or doing nothing. I can’t sit there staring at a chart of something I’ve never traded before waiting for it to do something when I know at worst I could be scalping CGC.

I have no idea how you deal with that cloud on Fidelity. Even with less than a dozen tickers on a structured list I built and went over before the open I can’t keep track of what’s happening in a timely manner or open a chart and hit the ground running.

You told me you usually have 2 or 3 things that aren’t your regulars on your list each day. How often do you choose those over your regulars?

bradley lush says:

Do cann stock please

Seth Borneman says:

The commentator is a fucking clown. Run from this channel.

Sean Williams says:

Thanks Dan! Your insight is amazing. I anticipated an equilibrium today but did not have the guts to buy the morning dip as it reversed after the first 5 min, whereas yesterday it reversed after 35 min. As you pointed out, the recent downtrend made the decision more difficult! Many thanks!

Sushi Jam says:

BEST INTRO EVEeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeR !!!!!!!!!! !!

Chris McMillion says:

Still shorting CRON

turtlenecks says:

Hello Dan, I want to send you a gift from Japan in appreciation of what you continuously do for the community. Is there anything you’d like from here? Do you like to cook?

tskitz says:

does anyone else smoke weed while watching this?

Pamela Pierce says:

Liked the canned chicken at the end!

vanman778 says:

Thanks for doing this!

Son Of Sam says:

Thanks for the videos Dan
I have been listening to your videos for a while now, and because of them, I now have a better understanding of technical analysis. I am visually impaired and I don’t think that I would have understood it if you didn’t make these videos

Smart Dressed Man says:

You’re not “ChartmanDan”. You’re the “ProphetDan”

Lucefiel Promethius says:

It’s fun watching your channel evolve, love what you’re doing. #1 on my list of videos I want to watch everyday!

Lemo Noel says:

Hey what About the Bitcoin and Ethereum Chart Analysis?

Jeff Chapman says:

Might see a three gaps down pattern on the daily of Aphria tomorrow, maybe another bullish candlestick pattern? The bulls really bought up the dip on Tuesday. If it weren’t for that we might be seeing the three black crows pattern today. On the daily Aurora formed an engulfing candlestick pattern today. Cron had a strong day today. It too formed a engulfing candlestick pattern that is more distinctive than Aurora. And like you said yesterday can the bulls go on another run and break Cron’s previous all time high again? I don’t think we’ll see Cron for $6 a share anymore.

Mr. Booming says:

Best places to buy pot stocks?

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