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Bitcoin Ethereum Litecoin Technical Technical Analysis Chart for 2018

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Nightwolf Adventurer says:

Thank you Dan! Best ever technical analysis in Youtube!

John MacDonald says:

Chart Gals?

Reece Ramdeo says:


Tiina Walker says:

You didn’t mention the Couche Tard news?

Dustin says:

Appreciate you throwing in KHRN Dan. I absolutely agree that no one should be jumping in right now, but it’s a really good company that’s gaining traction so just wanted to get it on your radar to watch. Thanks for the daily breakdown on these

Evan Hayford says:

Hello Mr. Dan! Thanks for taking the time to answer my question the other day. You ROCK!

headygouda says:

Thanks for your vids. Sweet phish shirt, I think that was one from the late 90s or early 2000s. Awesome.

1930 Vassar Manager says:

Ha, can’t even type a ticker correctly, KSHB, sorry I’m not eating anything for mistyping.

Henrik Sjöblom says:

Dan Thanks for including KHRN. Kiitos!! Tack!! (regards from Finland)

Randy Evanoff says:

Good stuff Dan, as always.

Chase Converse says:

Thanks Dan
Great video

Andrew Kittle says:

I am a Lucid Dreamer I studied it in the late 80’s and early 90’s peace. First had time to watch in a month. lol

Alex Fraser says:

Just wanted to say thank you for all the great info, and the extra advice on maintaining yourself mentally. I stopped reading that toxic Stockhouse board and started listening to you and I’ve had my first few successful trades.

Mike VS Mike says:

Enjoyed watching the end of the video. Had a similar dream where I experienced death. Was the most amazing, scary and memorable dream I’ll ever have. Couldn’t stop thinking about it for another week. Impacted my life.

Jason Cordell says:

Another great video. This is fun

Aminov says:

30 minutes OMG! I think you will make 1.5 hours film every day soon! 😀

Sinan says:

I used to lucid dream several years ago but I stopped. Who knows, maybe I’ll have after seeing this.

Dom Farmer says:

I’m waiting for the day when Dan snaps from a bad trading session, and smashes his fuckin apartment to bits with a baseball bat

S S says:

Hey take a look at EAT if you can sometime. The chart is similar to N before N exploded from 25 cents to $4.40. Cup and handle on daily. Bullflag on weekly. 6 daily inside bars in a row. .295 cent resistance. Extremely tight range. US company listed on the CSE that specializes in edibles. Could be very good

Hainezy says:

You guys see the seaport capital upgrades? I have no clue how legit they are

Monica Hill says:

So I understand that making an entry into a position on a ticker that’s on a bull run may be considered chasing and probably not the best thing to do – wait until consolidation. But does this same rule apply to stock tickers that are uplisting?

Hainezy says:

Also I netted 32% on CLSK, wouldn’t enter now but may watch for c&h possibility, worth a look but it’s the stock market equivalent of a shitcoin

Sunny Wang says:

Thanks for the great content! Lots of exciting names these weeks

1930 Vassar Manager says:

Thanks for the video, my KHSB finally moving.  Honestly, I’d stick with bananas.  Raw potato might be difficult to consume.

Michael Garibaldi says:

At 11:58 I say tomato, you say tomardo

Ross W says:

Dan THE Man!

Noxtreme says:

I like raw potato. Sprinkle a little salt a maybe lemon. Good stuff

Jesse Mattern says:

Awsome video Dan

Alex Chan says:

RAW POTATO! I don’t actually have this stock I’m just curious what that would look like

RiveringVegas 13 says:

Doubt it will happen but eating that raw potato will be some killer end of vid content.

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