Learning Technical Analysis (For Beginners)

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Learning Technical Analysis for Beginners! What is Technical Analysis? How does Technical Analysis work? What is Support? What is Resistance? What is a candlestick chart? These are all questions that I will answer in this video. I believe that Technical Analysis is a crucial tool everyone should use when investing, as it helps to determine good entry/exit points in a stock.

This has been a video requested by many of my subscribers, and I’m happy to finally be able to provide this, 100% free, for all of you guys to learn. Over the coming weeks and months, we will touch more on individual technical indicators, chart patterns, and different strategies used by Technical Analysis investors.

This will be a good video for beginners who are just looking to understand some basics in technical analysis, and perhaps give you some insight as to why/how they work with stocks. There are MANY indicators and patterns out there, but I do not want you to be overwhelmed by this as I will teach you all that you will need to know to be a successful Technical Analysis trader or investor – completely free.

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Disclaimer: None of the stocks, options, or securities that I discuss should be taken as advice or recommendations to buy/sell/hold. The views and information presented in these videos is strictly for educational purposes and I will not be held liable for your gains or losses incurred due to trading, investing, or getting involved in the stock market.

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Positive Investing says:

*How many of you want an Episode #2 in this series? Drop a like!*

FeedingYou Information says:

I just rebought “Pets” today after a 10% drop. Its real alright. I’m seen it happen again and again. Teach us bro!!

Ian Salcedo says:


James McKinney says:

Really nice content man, came to your channel through Ryan. Look forward to following the technical analysis series! Subbed.

Q De Canne says:

Saw this video at Ryan’s channel. Keep it up man!

RealLife Money - Weekly Financial Videos says:

I think technical analysis is good to know, it helps you know when to get in or out. But fundamentals will always be more important to a company so be careful 🙂

Kollywood Moviez says:

Great stuff man. Plz make more videos on tech analysis

salv236 says:

great introductory video, has helped me understand better, can’t wait to see additional videos on this topic.

K. Weis Investments says:

Good stuff man I personally use fundamentals to pick a stock then turn to technical analysis to pick an entry point. This method has proven very successful for myself.

Michael Perry says:

Looks like the VIX is getting use to hanging around 25-30. This is a good environment for active traders with the volatility. Expect wild swings in the market with it staying up there around 25-30.

Rohan Gaur says:

Hey! Thanks for the info! Just trying to find the support levels of PG and JNJ. What do u think those are?

john proscheck says:

Were you at blue mountain this weekend? I was pretty lit up but I thought I met someone that looked like you

Ahmed AL-Rashoud says:

Thanks for the video, however i’m missing your weekly “5 stocks” videos, found them really helpful. thanks again!

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