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In this video, Steven shares some advanced structure trading techniques for the Forex market and a few key steps to building a Forex trading strategy.

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TRADING with DRAH says:

The only reason why I gave it a thumbs down is because I had to wait a whole week… You didn’t post any video last Sunday…. I deeply depend on them
Love you man.. thanks for improving my trading

hashy RJ says:

Does Your tips also works in stock trading?

Anfernee Clark Dawal says:

I encounter this problem a few months ago and it seem to derail my trading until now… the thing is.. when a trend comes close or exactly at the previous level of structure, one might think “oh this could bounce off that previous level of structure” but ends up breakibg that.. which causes the trade to be stopped out. Another thing is that, you might place a long or short trade opposite to what your current position is and still cause that trade to lose or be stopped out. How can we observe the trend and structure without being subjective of the matter? This simple question I believe would help thousands of struggling traders. Best regards Steven!

Kate Shungi says:

Ok, so where ever the new resistance is you put the take profit,and put your stop loss, below the candlestick.

jose perez says:

hello can you talk about your computer and resolution and screen sizes. i have to zoom out alot too fit the sames canddlestick that you have on yours…. but its to zoom out

Nukida says:

What about stop loss and take profit?

Marina Cardoso says:

I highly recommend the EAP program.

Simon K says:

Watched a lot of you tube trading channels. Without a doubt, this is the most useful I’ve found. With RSI and CCI indicators to confirm the support / resistance as valid, TTC has changed my game. Thank you!

JN says:

Do you have a solution for someone who always feel like they have to open a position every single day?

fun time says:

show your profit trading history in real account than new traders motivated

Soumen Mondal says:

Sir, Is it applicable for any market (such as stocks, futures, options, commodity)?

Diego Araujo says:

Hi Steve, I would like to know how much do you charge for the email analysis only?

Fit to Fun to Play says:

I still keep learning,but sometimes my mind play games with me,when actualy i’m going to have a lot of profit,my mind said it’s going to the opposite direction,then boom,close my entry in losing position when actualy it’s going to profit a lot of pips.

TrunXo4 says:

Hi , when he talks about “level of structure” is that a support or resistance he means?

Luis Armando González Olivero says:

I wanted to ask you, if the system that you teach for forex trading, can also be used for another type Of securitys like stocks or future

Jeff Kagy says:

I love your videos on price action/ structure. Does this also help with stocks, or just forex?

Sajjad Khan says:

Great sir

Paul Beniga says:

applicable in binary option?

Steve Knight says:

Excellent Video

Prince Jeremiah says:

Thanks Steven

nilbert pacheco says:

My main problem: discipline and patience

The Trading for Living says:

Thanks TTC! I like video

emz2kind81 says:

Excellent thank you very much

gabyellobo says:


Wongamele Kevin says:

Hey Steven, if u can, can u please give us a video on entries and exits.

tshifhiwa sibeyi says:

i havent recieved the email with videos

Life Be bullish says:

sir be active on youre instagram!! share youre daily life.. you will get more audience

Lin Dan says:

not sure why you dont mention about oversold, rsi, when the price takes a reverse direction.

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