Learn Technical Analysis for Cryptocurrencies | Video Course Overview

Learn how to do technical analysis for cryptocurrencies.

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This video gives you a preview of what to expect from the video course and where to get the course. The course length is about 3.5 hours and spread over several videos so you can skip around to watch the parts you want.

Whether you are just get started with Bitcoin & Ethereum or if you’re already familiar with them and want to take your investing to the next level, this course will help you. I’ll show you everything from reading a chart and how to get started to understanding patterns and technical indicators.

I go over the same tools and techniques I use to spot great set-ups and breakouts and will go into detail with recent examples such as Ripple, Ethereum, NEM and more.

I hope you enjoy the course!


Abrafge Svbeac says:

The course is awesome. I really hope it was a chapter 1 and soon we’ll have new releases. Because it’s not only filled with good info, but also very entartaining to watch (good flow).
For myself the course structure became my theoretical base, so if I read book or watch other cource, I remember information in Node Investor’s way to structure it.

KeNn says:

Thats a great course you have put together. i would like to hit the purchase botton right now but the payment gateway doesn’t include any cryptocurrency. Any of BTC, ETH, LTC, USDT would be cool

Musa The Giant! says:

Please, can you set up a Bitcoin payment method. I really wanna buy this course, but I still cannot find the option to buy with Bitcoin.


ChristianRRL says:

This might be the first time I’ve ever considered buying a service being advertised by a channel. I’ll have to put a bit more thought into it, but I’m damn close to hitting the buy button! Also agree with the other commenter, it would be nice to be able to buy this course with Bitcoin or Ethereum.

rosu horia says:

where can we find the court sir ? great info ! awesome !

KingKhain says:

Do you hold the credit card numbers yourself, or who’s your payment processor?

Omar LaMaDa says:

are there any organized playlist to watch !?
thank you in advance

Stephen says:

Im confused about M and W people see when looking at charts, are they the same, depending how you look at them?
When day trading cryptos do you look at 1 day period with 1, 5 or 30 min candle stick? chart?

Max Ortiz Aguilar says:

It was $30, now its $40! Guess I waited too long! Comments look good, definitely something I will consider in the near future.

Jonathan Few says:

Really enjoyed the course, thanks man. Exactly what I was looking for.

Lawrence Dou says:

Good day! Please check your email I sent you a mail.

Stephen says:

I purchased your course and I have to say you have a great way of delivering it, your voice and pace are spot on but it a bit light on content, very basic, not very good value for $40. If you include more advanced version then it would be a good value.
Don’t think you do this course and be making profit trading cryptos.

Maybe this should be labeled Level 1, Level 2 and 3 are needed.

P.K. Subban says:

Does the course come with a 30day money back if we are not 100% satisfied? If this course provide more value than the free online courses on youtube then I would consider buying no problem. Thanks

Brian P says:

I will definitely buy your course, but I’m curious how successful you have been with trading? Maybe a monthly percentage or something? just curious about potential! can’t wait to check out the course when I can!

Michael Parmelee says:

Just finished your course. Well done sir! Thank you for all your youtube videos as well. Your course was worth it, expect I had to pay with that old non upgradable dirty fiat. hehe. Would have preferred to send you LTC. The course was organized, comprehensive and delivered with your usually calm and articulate cadence. Thank you!

Computer Guru says:

I am taking this course and it is very good. Node Investor is an excellent teacher.

Rashul Gupta says:

Ive a doubt. . see like bittrex and other exchanges charge commission or fees on the trade orders right… so doea the commission gets charged when we place the order or when the order gets fulfilled ? like if i place an order on bittrex n then cancel it. does the commission get charged or not?

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