Is #Bitcoin Headed Back to $9,000? Is it Time to Buy? (Technical Analysis)

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Bitcoin is now respecting a very clear pattern and we’re very close to getting a reaction. So the question is, will we get a move back to $9k?

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Please NOTE: I am not giving financial advice, I am not recommending, encouraging or discouraging you from investing at this time or any other time. I am only presenting my view of the market based on my experiences which you need to evaluate and make a decision on according to your personal strategy.


Karman Bassi says:

CBOE etf approval got delayed, btc is tanking

xJordanMM Productions says:

Bitcoin could drop to as low as 6200 but no lower i promise this will hold and we will see 9000+ soon!!!!


Kiss my ass bears


Bitcoin may bottom out to 5k to around $4,560.

Darryl Strawberry says:

Still smokin’ major hashish I see! When you gonna learn btc is gonna crash under $4k for AMAJOR CORRECTION CRASH!!!

cutactiontake9 says:

Nice t a . I was waiting for your video on btc and it makes a Lot of sense thanks a bunch !!!!!!! The Best…

Johnny B says:

Thanks very much for the update Joe. Yeah, wish I had a week on Cocoa Beach rather than a week of charts.
Just letting you know that the course and slack group are great – some members are a bit short/blunt – but all criticism and feedback there has been useful. So a big thank you to them too.

Steem Pal says:

These updates are invaluable for me as I am able to evaluate what I am taking in on your course regards identifying patterns. My charting had similar trend lines but not identical to yours. I am clearly not there yet and need to keep practicing. Being able to compare my work with yours really helps. Thank you.

GeroTon says:

Technical analysis has no meanings if Btc gets bad news…

Y J says:

Looks like it’s a sell now. Right?

adamwnt says:

i commend you for what you’re doing, your updates are very comprehensive and valuable to me. thanks

Hermann Schmidt says:

Love your patterns for trend analysis! I am combining them with volume profile for targets, which works extremely well. The 6670 dip just now was precisely in the cards with both the trendline and the VP. I prefer the VP because it does not leave much room for interpretation.

Mr. X says:

5k soon

Seva S says:

Due to the recent big news of ETF getting pushed back I feel the sentiment will continue to be bearish for a while…gave us that big impulse down today. Do you guys agree? To me it seems like an obvious sell fundamentally because that was the main news that people were counting on to push this into bullish grounds agin.

allnatural999 says:

Hey Joe thanks for the update on BTC. I have taken your course and wanted to let you know it’s been great and a real eye opener. Really gave me a great systematic approach on how to trade the markets and so far is going really well.

Anyone looking into a simple and solid TA approach I would recommend it.

Personally still have my long term targets Of around 4-5k BTC for a potential bottom.

Johnny B says:

Hi Joe.
I know you guys don’t make predictions such as BTC to $20 k or BTC to $3 k (and there is good reason for not doing so).
But we are still in a bear market right?
Is it not most likely that we just got another lower high a few days ago and now BTC is heading back down to the $6 k area?

Mirian Mueller says:

Hi Joe&Randall, I`m taking your classes and I appreciate your knowledge of trading. However, I think it is pretty demanding for a newbie to play with the charts and trend lines at the beginning. I`m doing it all the time and try it out, but failed a lot, coz I am not able to identify the patterns in an efficient way like you guy. Any suggestions?

jonw says:

ETF decision delayed til Sept. Gonna take a dive I’m guessing.

Tumbleweed says:

Nice diagrams

Shame about reality

Crypto Elevator says:

We got the rejection while you were making this video. This looks more like the 4th wave down since hitting 20K. Definitely headed to 5K and if SolidX ETF rejects, 4K.

Matt Rowland says:

I was actually studying my charts when all this occurred. Now I’m scared of trying to catch a falling knife. Great video though, as always. 🙂

Randy says:

Thanks for the video. The course is starting to sink in. My chart looked a lot like yours. Unexpected news like ETF getting pushed back is never in the chart and can’t be accounted for. Keep up the great work

Rich 77 says:

Today’s lesson, is about how trendlines while useful, are not true support, I use trendline, and I find that the candles respect them under average conditions (I’m just learning myself, and I’m going to look in to when trend lines are usefull. But from what I’m learning price respects congestion zones, which creates resistance and support, and how much money are in those areas. – So the take away! Today, trend lines were of no use (still usefull, just not when the flag broke).

Good job putting out a video, I couldn’t, and I for certain do not think I’m a good trader. I was in short, very near the top, but I’ve got weak hands and took next to nothing of it. And when I say next to nothing, I mean I got 4 points on the day! lol omg, but at least I know i’m on the right path and still have a lot to learn.

Going to keep staying tuned until the point where I see that today’s experience didn’t help you evolve your technique. It’s like Edison, took him 10 000 times to make a light bulb. Never once did he consider himself a failure, he just discovered 10 000 ways that it didn’t work. Always look back assess, evaluate, and evolve. I’m still giving a thumbs up because I like this channel

Ahdrian Rojas says:


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