Introduction to Technical Analysis for Beginners


Introduction to Technical Analysis for Beginners
Technical Analysis Basics
Technical Analysis for Beginners
Introduction to Stock Charts

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Robert Attard says:

Awesome Teachers! Big Big Thanks for this!

Shawn Albarghouthi says:

I am stuck at; where do you get this chart from? Like, is this a paid for site cause you don’t get this with google and yahoo finance!

Tatevik Ghapantsyan says:

Great video, just one small issue concerning the RSI calculation in excel. When you calculate the Average Gain you shouldn’t use the previous value of Average Gain, but rather use the 14 day price, otherwise you will get misleading results. When you multiply the previous value with 13, you assume that the average for past 14 and 13 days is the same.

Stephan K says:

Does any exchange allow demo account and how do we backtest strategy?

Professor Dré says:

This helped me a ton, thank you guys for explaining everything so easily.

Also as a side note, the name of the Japanese God of Trading is Honma. I don’t think anyone really caught that though, haha.

petefrombc says:

Thanks for the RSI explanation. I was hoping to hear more about what it really means (not just mathematically) and how and when to use it.

Andrew Lawley says:

I had an understanding of most of what was explained in this video prior to watching but the way it was delivered was very clear, I benefited a lot from it.

Also, the indicator sector (RSI) was very helpful as it explains the math behind it which I didn’t know and found hard to find a source which clearly explained it.


Wow! You cannot explain better than this Man. Thnx for the awesome video.

gary haeck says:

As a total neophyte to TA, is TA applicable to mutual funds and/or ETFs??? Most of my IRA portfolio is MFs and ETFs…. Thanks!!!


very powerful explanation

zeyad gardner says:

Is this relevant for crypto charts too?

Bryan Lopez says:

For those looking at the comments to determine if it’s worth it to watch the full 40 mins, it is. Let me put it this way. I was on observing movements in amazon stock prices while I was watching this, and you can recognize everything he says on the charts. Prices rise and fall according to what he describes. This helped me a lot.

A B says:

Can anyone even see the details on the chart? I wish he expanded it so it would be bigger on full screen.

Josh Deane says:

This was truly an extraordinary presentation that flawlessly broke down the introduction to Technical Analysis! Great video and I recommend watching it (for all beginners) or those who just want to freshin up on their memory.

Claudia Kolind says:

Thanks for the course, although It’s irrelevant, just want to point out, the picture you used for “The birth of Technical Analysis” is Chinese and not Japanese. … 02:59…

grim789 says:

Best video courses I have found on YouTube or the web in general for that matter thank you all so much for taking the time to do these.

Edit: If you all have a crypto address you should post it I would donate for appreciation.

Danny Song says:

This video was extremely helpful!

I started trading stocks late last year and crypto a couple months ago, however, I never really understood what those charts meant. Your video was very clear and easy to understand. I’m glad you put this video in a playlist so I could easily find more videos like this. I’m going to check out more of your videos now.

Thank you so much! 🙂

visionaryus says:

So is it safe to say technical analysis doesn’t really work, but because so many use these methods it makes them sort of work.

Daniel White says:

Dalin from High Altitude Investing sent me your way, and I’m so glad he did. Great channel and awesome info!

mos lal says:

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Parichay Verma says:

Can u please explain the meaning of support and resistance in the context of charts? Thanks.

Stef Big says:

Hi where can I learn more about your 5 hour cours please ?

Alson Niu says:

Thanks 🙂 appreciate the time you guys put into this

XPopCornX says:

20:00 over dec label it was a red candle below 2 of the moving averages with big volume and the next candle it closed below how at that point to use ta to anticipate a move up and not down?

Parichay Verma says:

Hi, can u please recommend any good and reliable charting softwares? Thanks a lot.

Pier-Luc Montgrain says:

Thank you very much for that video, it was very interesting!

Pedro Sanchez says:

awsome job.. very concise and informative.. thanks guys

Llawen Corwynt says:

Hi Dan, I am new to investing in crypto currencies. You have helped me tremendously. A big THANK YOU is in order! Thanks.

zeyad gardner says:

is this relevant for crypto charts too? I want to understand crypto charts. in this video you talk about stock.

Ifeoluwa Folorunsho says:

This was super awesome!! Thank you!!

Terry Vogelaar says:

If the body of the candle sticks shows the opening and closing of the trading period, why are there often gaps? I would expect that the closing of one candle aligns automatically with the opening of another

Douglas Simpson says:

Hey CHARTGUY man DAN. Great Videos… Wow. I am learning. I have question cn you explain open interest in options, ITM and OTM. for lets CARA. april 2017.. Large put options OTM, is that support?

Rizwan Ahmed says:

SUBSCRIBED! That was awesome!

GuitarFan7 says:

Subbed here. Where does one go to view charts like these?

NoRaChetz says:

just a suggestion, you should put a circle around the mouse so it’s easier to see where you’re pointing. (;

Ehsan Asghari Ghara says:

regarding higher high and higher low, my question is whether we should refer to closing price or the high price of the candle?

Offkilter Concepts says:

33 day time period for the RSI @ 33:33 time stamp. Illuminati confirmed! Chart that…. Seriously loving the info guys.

Sharlette Rivera says:

awesome tutorial

James Murphy says:

Great video guys, very helpful and insightful. Awesome work

Juan Prinsloo says:

Good stuff. Thank you. +1 Sub

Tony Nguyen says:

Thank you!

dom sturgess says:

A natural teacher; clear and concise with no fat around the meat! Highly regarding your content! thanks

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