How to Trade Options: A Beginners Introduction to Trading Stock Options by


An introduction to Stock Options trading. This webinar is intended to give Beginners an introduction to options trading and basic education information.

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tawkinhedz says:

Thanks for your time! Very informative and excited to start practicing. If you could briefly run over some of the techs about why exponential closing on the 200 and 100 sma are important during the video it wold make the trade a little more understandable. I get theres support and deduced the candlesticks were about to fall beneath the emas after they hit. I think everyone can benefit from a really simple quip from your perspective about what they mean.

Kathy Carr says:

Some brokers are not worth it to trade with they can only deceive one with rubish strategies out of ones capital, Mr Frank Robert helped me with a great strategy and with a mighty software that actually works and to my greatest surprise he never demanded anything back from me, that’s how real Broker/Account Managers do, they don’t request for money to help. I pray that GOD Almighty shall continue blessing him for his good job.

Kris Arnold says:

I don’t understand the part where when you sell the put option and if it doesn’t go your way you are forced to buy the 100 shares. Can somebody please elaborate

Josh Molina says:

Dude, forget the great trading advice and videos, you could do an entire segment strictly on style! THE STYLE! Thanks for this informative video.

Bryan Lopez says:

I’m trying to start trading options. Are there any books you guys know about that I should read? Any courses I should take?

Amirashkan Abedian says:

Do you need to hit the strike price or you can exercise the option whenever you want?

Ella Myrick says:

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siddhartha moitra says:

Hello! I’m from India. First thanks for making this video.
Can you pls tell me when to trade in money or out money?
I normally trade in Indian markets (National Stock Exchange -NSE India)

howard lizano says:

200 dollar plus profit in 30 minutes.. i make 130 a day working 8hrs .

puff3pass1 says:

This is not a beginner video. You are talking waaaaay over people’s heads with stock lingo and painful eye charts or application graphics that would make Einstein’s head hurt. As an example, try viewing your tutorial on a smart phone. Its bad even on a Note. You should really consider retitling this to an intermediate “you had better have been trading regular stocks a long time before viewing this” video.

XxdartvaderxX says:

i have a question is it possible to trade options day buy day and make some nice money? like if did a call and i bought it at .30 and it jumps to dollar and sell would i make a profit? Thanks!

Gabriel Alvarez says:

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Scott says:

good basic explanation of options and how to trade.. and your right every one is going to trade different

Ron Kalra says:

HI, if i’m trading Options, can i fully depend on ichimoku indications on the options chart or is it important for me to look and make the decisions based on the Underlying Asset chart. For example :- If we have a Kimo Breakout on the option’s Chart can i trade or should i check if the underlying asset chart has a kumo breakout too.Thank you

Ruby P says:

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klklkpkp says:

@The ChartGuys Wow, damn good video for first time options traders! you are the only ones who have explained that we are actually trading the Premium when we buy calls/puts. Thank you very much…liked & subscibed! Keep up the good work guys

psulse says:

OK, I have some paper trade options for FB and yahoo, how the heck to I close them out!!!

oh man says:

Nice video content! Excuse me for butting in, I would appreciate your thoughts. Have you thought about – Chiveard Doubled Money Framework (google it)? It is an awesome one off guide for understanding high frequency stock trading without the headache. Ive heard some extraordinary things about it and my friend Sam finally got astronomical results with it.

Michael O says:

Just so you know, it doesn’t matter what you trade as long as you know what you are doing and know when to cut your losses and how to do your research then you should be fine, just because you couldn’t make it by trading penny stocks it doesn’t make it a bad thing.

Brittney N. Narcisse-Rosario says:

Great video! Basic but not too basic and straight to the point.

ahmed muhamed says:

So if i have 5000$ in my account and i trade 5 of 1000$/ options position , then i cant trade more than 5 times that day? Or that only applies in cash accounts?

Gain From Trading 2 says:

Great introduction to the options arena

OduduwaTV says:

Thanks a lot for the very educative video.

Sam Hobson says:

Today is 11/18/2017. This week early in the morning on 11/15/17 before the market opened i read an article on Us Steel (x) . The article was about a chemical spill that X tried to cover up. My immediate thoughts were shorting the stock for that day. If i were An options trader how would i have approached that . Turns out the stock plummeted a dollar on opening but rebounded by close to a higher price than they opened at. X is a real good company an i know something like that wouldn’t have long term effects but i did believe the stock would fall as it did.

Blame The Crypto BTC says:

Very good video TCG….I have tutorials on my channel

Marquis Perry says:

ok i now it a good video but zoom in hard to see

johncare says:

very helpful looking 2 trade options a newbie

joseph facada says:

Where can you paper trade options?

Kohl Merkel says:

Wow… Even though i have traded in binary options for 5 years, i got few tips from this video. I hope this works

Simmie says:

your style is lovely, Dan

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