How To Trade FOREX- A Lesson On Technical Analysis

Technical Analysis- Learn More About How Markets Move Click Below
The basics of TECHNICAL ANALYSIS & why do markets move from a psychological point of view. Also a breakdown of the price charts and how sometimes the simplest trading strategies can bring the best trading opportunities.
2:06 – Technical Analysis from a Different Viewpoint
9:15 – Breaking Down A Price Chart
17:13 – My New Trading Toy

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Akil Stokes
Chief Currency Analysis at Trade Empowered
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Oleg Zagorodnii says:

Hi Akil Thanks for your videos I really like to watch not because i have a fun but because I learn something from every video Akil give me please favor Can you write what is the name of this book and who is author i can’t see it perfectly Have a grate weekend

Le o says:

Hi Akil,

Which broker and platform are u trading on? did you try trade on demo account first and then open live account? where do u get the news for trading ? I opened a demo account and got some trades there. I want to get into forex trading, do you have some tips for newbie trader like me?

Thank you for your time and videos. It helps me a lot about trading forex

SunsTo7 says:

Hello Akil, Great video as usual. Really liked the example of the NZDUSA,  it was a perfect ascending triangle evident of an upward break. I do think that the pull back is a product of buyer absorption and then a continuation.

Suzan Maka says:

As specialist, I do think Trabeplom System is actually great way to get lots of profit. Why don’t you give it a chance? maybe it’s going to work for you too.

My Name Is Jeff says:

Great video as always

guen lawrence says:

trading is one of the easiest way to make money, without much stress.

R Dizzle says:

Your talking a lot but your not really saying anything

Bojan. Dimitrijevski says:

I’m not sure but ,if anyone else wants to discover forex trading education try Loctavan Amazing Exchange Strategy (do a google search ) ? Ive heard some decent things about it and my mate got cool success with it.

worrior451 says:

Thank you very much Akil! Great stuff and great work!Helps me much,appreciate!

Indra Pratama says:

love for all video.. u and jason is truely ” guru” very teaching and learn so much from you both thank you very much..#GoFreedom# peace from indonesia

max wellington says:

Thank you

James Mitchell says:

Thank Akil, excellence is always self-evident.  You rock!

Matthew Spositi says:

Hey Akil, just wanted to let you know that I think you are doing a great job on your videos. I look forward to watching them every single week, so keep up the good work!

boxxer221 says:

Hi, was wondering if anybody could help me with this question. Are there currency pairs that are trending the majority of the time and others that are relatively permanently volatile?

 The reason I ask is because I think I have a strategy that can take advantage of either a trending or a volatile market, the only problem is I have to pick the right strategy and I don’t know if there are any pairs that behave in 1 of those 2 ways most of the time or all pairs behave in both ways regularly over the longrun.
My strategy basically won’t work if the latter is true as I won’t know which strategy I need and when I need it. Hope that makes sense as I’m still a newbie at this stuff.

Hamza Rashid says:

Are you on snapchat?

Adrian Sullivan says:

The third GPDAUD trade was the same one I took this morning. I got short at 2.0734 and took profit at 2.0644 and 2.0590. when I check out warroom after work and  your videos and find that I placed the same trades you guys do it definitely raises my confidence level.  However for the past three weeks I’ve been hovering around break even.  I cant help but to obsess on my trades that would have put me in the green, but were mismanaged. I’m ready to see adhering to my rules to start paying off. Anyway I appreciate your videos. And I would like to hear your input on supply and demand zones and what to look for on the charts for high probability reversal zones. Thanks

Krunoslav Cicmir says:

you look damn good on this one 🙂
Thanks again for sharing knowledge

Lynnette Kaycee says:

Hi! thanks for this useful video. By the way, I hear many people keep on talking about betting system known as Trabeplom System (google it), but I’m not sure if it is really good. Have you thought about Trabeplom System? I have heard several incredible things about it and my cousin finally earned lots of money by using it, but he refuses to tell me 🙁

Ian Ramos says:

Great video! I should really get that standing desk as well

Chromie says:

Love the new set up.

Dave Raciti says:

Hi Akil,

I’ve been following you for sometime now and I’m interested in joining the Syndicate soon once I get better setup and have more time to trade. I’m wondering however at what time you guys meet for the 3 hour session, bear in mind i’m living in Brisbane, Australia. I generally try and trade from the UK open and into the US open for a hour or two which is in the evenings aussie time (AEST)

Johan Larsson says:

Great video as always.  I really enjoy watching your stuff, just like Jason you are an awesome teacher who manage to keep it interesting through out every single video.  Just wanted to comment on your new desk.  It is great to stand up and work, it is also great to sit down and work.   It´s a standard feature in all Swedish offices to have a desk that one can raise, and lower electronically.  It’s great to sit down for an hour, and then raise the desk and stand up for an hour.  I am working on a feature to automatically raise and lower my desk according to a schedule. We also have special stand-up chairs, special balance boards to stand on and the whole nine yards…
Thanks for doing what you do!
Oppppsss, time to stand up 

LUke w says:

do you ever do videos on the forex market for week ahead like giving indicators on what dollar to take and that sort of stuff?

ayazahmed786 says:

So…. that’s why breakouts occur. Very informative video. Thank you for sharing your knowledge Akil

Valina Lenore says:

Do anyone know about Trabeplom System? Does it work? I hear a lot of people earn cash in the fx trading with this popular forex guide.

INS4N3xBL4D3 says:

Hi Akil, I just wanted to say I really enjoy watching your videos however I am slightly confused what the term “outside return” means, could you please explain?

mark langley says:

appreciate commenst and view really enjoy it, as for standing thats what i do too and have been for past 6 months really keeps you more focused

Jordan says:

Great videos, Akil! I only came across your channel about 4-5 days ago, as well as Trade Empowered’s channel, and I’ve watched a lot of your videos already. It’s quite refreshing to see an actual forex trader who knows what he’s talking about and not the MLM video crap (ie. Cars, clubs, etc.) saying how easy forex is to make millions in a couple of months.

Keep it up, I love watching these and your vlogs. Even if it’s just listening as I’m doing something else, like a trading audiobook, as you mentioned you do as you walk in the mornings.

Gerard M says:

Great video Akil I loved the first part about why the markets move the way they do. The ‘what happened’ is more important then the ‘why it happened’ but it is still very helpful to understand the real reason behind what appears at first glance to be an irrational move.
Many thanks

Solomon Spydro says:

Love the video akil
Great editing and of course teaching

Wade Zwane says:

Thanks Akil, great as always !

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