How to Trade Cryptocurrency

How to Trade Cryptocurrency for Beginners: An introduction to trading Ethereum and Bitcoin

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Bitcoin Ethereum Litecoin Technical Analysis Chart for 5/27/2017


Steffen Frost says:

How do you enable the RSI indicator? The drop down menu for indicators doesn’t include it.

Julie Williams says:

awesome video!! you put alot of time into it! Thanks for all your efforts

Tamim Y says:

Dan, I noticed you draw your trend lines touch the body of the candle. Is it better to also include the wicks so its safer bet when its a breakout?

Joshua Jones says:

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CryptoCity says:

As a well experienced investor I’ve tasked it upon myself to help some of the less fortunate traders with no idea where to start, I’ll only be helping a select few as I’m just doing this for fun. My Skype name is Jim Henz (CryptoCity). Good Luck!

himbri4n says:

you’re amazing at teaching this! really appreciate it. balance with so much of info while being still being precise with the overall point.

searching internet & I’m not finding exactly how to have same price level indicator you have here

Joshua Daniels says:

Hey Dan, how do you get the trade history to the right side of your browser so that you can view both trade history and the order book simultaneously? I have to toggle between “trade history” and “order book” where your order book is located. I appreciate it

Patricia Cummings says:

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Gerry basquiat says:

do you have a course for crypto only?

Trading Heroes says:

Great explanations. I learned a few new things.

Josh Harris says:

Potentially gives way for a very successful RSI indicator app for cryptos

mflotard1 says:


Klemen Rismondo says:

Hey I am learning and watching new videos all time to learn more. I have one question though. When you were talking about SIA coin you said he could make way more profit if he would sold at top and rebuy lower. How do you decided what is top? I for example was in this coin and I went out way too early. I had no idea if I should then re-enter, i usually reenter when it brakes previous high, but how to know when move is over? With looking RSI? But when smth is going up 100% you can see overbought on RSI but not oversold since RSI drops to 40-50. Only if I look at Stoch RSI I see dips below 30 and I use that for buying. I am still testing this all a bit. Been learning it for 1 month now(still have no idea 😀 )
And also I would rather make hourly trades, maybe even daily. Does your method work there also?
Thanks for answer, looking forward to learn it.

Lukas Novotny says:

so just so I get it right – you use the tradingview platform for charts and you place your orders on Coinbase/Kraken etc? isn’t the trading view platform delayed? and also – what exchanges would you recommend for trading and which ones would you advise to avoid? thanks a lot!!

dvirus2000 says:

wait what, no fee for limit orders? i thought limit orders were more expensive. Is this a particularity for gdax or overall in the crypto world? On Bittrex all trades are .25% commission.

Windsor-Lawrence Kitaka says:

I am a noob but doing all i can do to learn, and you are being very helpfully with you great teaching. i had a question (forgive me if i miss understood anything) you mentioned on your use of RSI buying once it hits 30 on an up trend and also buying when it hits 20 on a down trend. But when do u close or sell ? is there an RSI value based on up and down trend. i am assuming u are buying and selling within 15 – 1hr phases continuously

Jake Wakefield says:

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Phillip Ro says:

These videos are great! Thanks for sharing! Is there a spreadsheet or template on which stats and data points we could keep track of daily in order to keep progress of ourselves?

kim Nguyen says:

Wonderful! Thank you so much for this opportunity to learn with you!

Tamim Y says:

Dan, I am surprised your friends think GNT maybe the next to be listed Coinbase. I am not sure what the criteria is to be listed on Coinbase but many thinking XRP might be the next one listed on Coinbase since its the 3rd highest volume and market cap.
FFull disclosure I am long XRP.

Attack Helicopter Gone Wild says:

Hey mate great video. You have the best channel i have found on youtube for technical analysis in this space and i also appreciate the Medical Cannabis videos. Keep up the good work.

KowinskyNotnice says:

what do u think of iq option ?

Kent Gorman says:

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Daniel Alvarez says:

Hello! I’m using the tradingview tool to analyze the charts, but I can’t manage to have the same tools you are using. Can you help me out with that? thank you 🙂

AJ Smith says:

Thanks so much for all your videos. I began trading back in march mostly small caps. due to small portfolio and the pattern day trader rule. I switched to crypts in may right before the first major pull back I would say ive past my “500” hours of trading and reading charts. ive taken very small positions and been super conservative. so far I would have made much more had I bought and held considering the run up in the market right as I got into. crypto. but I didn’t wan go learn how to just buy and hold my friends have made so much more money because they just invested AMD held. but now finally I started to make good trades and now that holding doesn’t give you 100s of percent returns im excited that I spent the time and money on education. I would love to continued to learn. and have someone I could bounce some questions off of. have you considered mentoring someone. im fully dedicated. im a single dad with a full time job and all my time is spent in charts ,education or researching. if you have the time or availability to help someone out im a great listenor and learner. thanks again for all your videos!

Shelly Cullen says:

do you have an affiliate program?

christian Woods says:

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Andrew B says:

Amazing videos. Thank you for sharing Dan. Worth watching many times over.

don k says:

thanks dan, always valuable info!

S Mak says:

Nice video man!

Brew City Gardener says:

Thank you for putting out these videos. I’m very green to the game and quickly realized that I will get slaughtered unless I get some fundamentals down in the trading space. Fortunately, I’m one of those people who go full 100% on anything that I get an interest in. I will definitely watch this video over and over again and keep seeking more info. Eventually, I think it will all start to make sense and come together. Hopefully, then I will be able to pull some profits. Question: How do I access the RSI chart on Tradingview? Is this a subscription feature only or am I just missing it? Thanks!

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