How To Read Stock Charts

A-Z Guide on Reading Stock Charts

Understanding how to read stock charts as a beginner is one of the most basic functions of a stock market investor. You will never make money if you can’t learn to recognize when is a good time to buy and a good time to sell stocks in companies.

There are a few important concepts to know as well as a few particularly easy stock patterns to keep an eye out for in the charts.

This video discusses price channels, support and resistance, and head and shoulders patterns. You will see these patterns appear on stock charts dozens of times a day throughout different markets and with different companies stocks.

The video also explains how to read candlestick charts, one of the most useful ways to view a chart today. The candlestick charts are packed full of data that can help a beginning stock trader understand what they need to do in order to make the best investing decisions possible.


black hands says:

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Harz Delf says:

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joelrabalais says:

how is a stock split represented in these charts?

Jovan Rodriguez says:

I can’t believe there are such things as patterns. This makes things ten times easier to understand. So the purpose of identifying patterns is to figure out when should a trader get in or out of a trade right? My big question is why do stocks fall at a certain point and then go back up again? For example, Apple’s stock price went down to 285 and then it went to 300, then back down to 285, and went back up. How come it does not go past 285 when things are going bad?

koselora kolona says:

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Turner BETTY says:


konfidential1911 says:

Great video. Very helpful for noobs

Abhishek Parida says:

wow man!!! made it soo more videos like this with actual examples..that would be great

Jumpshot money says:

is this Jay Z talking?

Adams Nikki says:

do people really do this for a living?

Audrey Long says:

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davousme meta says:

thats basic

Rez says:

I’ve seen some video’s over complicate this information.This guy did a great job at simplifying this information and making it easy to understand.

Cathy Garcia says:

i don’t get how to actually buy companies

Ramirez Jessica says:

sanders 2020

Daniel afg says:

SOme noob questions. How often do the prices change during a day. So buy them as cheap as possible with the hope that they shoot up, and sell them as high before they drop? is this the name of the game? IM playing a stock simmulator game and it moves very slow…

Suzanne RICHARDSON says:

I don’t have any $$ to make $$ haha

vasomna fareya says:

guarantee i know more than you

Griffin Margaret says:

where are more videos like this?

johora jashe says:

Makin America great agin!

Collins Dolores says:

this is why rich people are always getting richer

Anthony Thornhill says:

Great post!

Martinez Doreen says:

wolf of wallstreet baby

fareya casola says:

why am I in school/

Luigi Galvani says:

thanks mate !

brad h says:

I am new to trading, but so far, I don’t trust channels. As far as I can tell, there is no way to tell when they will end. Concerning support and resistance, it’s the same thing. They can go away as soon as they are identifiable. These things are like tornadoes.

Veronica Anderson says:

how do I start?

bokul roy says:

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LightBulb2526 says:

useful but the mouse was stuck at 5:20

usmeta rouya says:

too easy

Rodriguez MARGARET says:


wuliman wonuan says:

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A Wise Idiot says:

What software to use?

Bad Raccoon says:

very helpful. thanks.

Mr Rosner says:

Amazing video!!

Jason Hardwick says:

That was super simple, informative, to the point, and inspiring enough to get one started!

Rajlokhi Rouji says:

plz tch me to make money in shares

Drewb says:

Your voice sounds like a rick and morty short. Love it

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