How to Plot and Draw Support and Resistance – For Beginners

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This video will show you how to draw Support and Resistance. I include a secret trick I used when I first started trading which makes it easy to identify Support and Resistance zones. The zones are the highest probability trading areas for any price action trader.

The beginning of the video also explains what support and resistance is, and why it forms.


therealsurfer1 says:

Hi, I have watched this a few times now and been implementing this into my trading and it has given me some good results, but my question is this, I trade the five minute charts and aver day I’m placing my S/R lines but I’m getting ti the point were I have lots S/R lines now , should I clear and start again going back a few weeks?

jkenndy36 says:

Is there a video on where they teach you how to draw the trend line and they “pick ” when to BUY and SELL.

All the videos I’ve watch are all the same. They teach you HOW to draw it but they never pick a number after they drawn it.

That where I’m confused ☹.

Can someone please help.

sculpta says:

I’m confused about “closing a sell position” and how that is the same as opening a buy order? Can you (or anyone) please explain this to me? Thanks a lot

Blogs says:

do you trade still the same way ? thanks

In Cognito says:

You are quite possibly the most helpful source of trading information I’ve come across on YouTube so far. Good on ya, mate.

Bud Thats My Real Name says:

theres 1000s of ups and downs. no matter where you draw a line itll hit somewhere. if i drew a line an inch high or lower itll still hit another like somewhere. how do you know when you are drawing the correct resistance or support?

Carla V V says:

I loved video. Does the zone technique work with cryptocurrency due to volatility and significant price changes in one day?
Thank you!!

Breaking Stephanie says:

How did you decide where to draw the resistance at 4:46?

C J says:

good explanation.. but not one joke about him sounding like shrek?

Kamolchanok Dangboonrueng says:

Best educational video on resistance and support lines I’ve seen so far on YouTube. You’ve really made it so much easier to understand. Thank you!

Justin Puthen says:

Hi, I was just wondering if support/resistance was the same for both the stocks market and the forex market?

ZZ ZZ says:

I buy my stocks and hold on to them for a long time and make money. No reason to bash your head over the little things,

Your worse enemy says:

Bills ? Bears ?

Ryan Gray says:

Great video and content. Thank you very much. Just learning this stuff and you make it easy, great educator!

majkl najt says:

Yop losing also and don’t want to, so following Sir 🙂

Karim Wahid says:

Pretty handy, should have watched this earlier b4 losing a lot….thx buddy.. btw whats the name of this app u r using?

Mohammed Rizmy says:

Comprehensive Video. Thanks a lot

Lorenzo says:

thank you

Prayitno Sudarman says:

nice explaining
very clear and easy
thank u

Felix Wilson says:

I love this video. I’m a beginner and have lots of question. How do you plot your S/R. Do you start from anywhere on the graph or you would advise I start my S/R plots at the beginning of every trading day?

Frank Danna says:

This video is invaluable to someone looking to learn to trade securities.

Dalton jude says:

Nice post. How do I search you on YouTube for previous videos, so I can learn from scratch

Jenal Davis Harris says:

Thanks I learned a lot and took great notes!


Lovely video.How can I get more of your videos for beginners?

FineAzz Beeyah says:

Subbed…. best explanations ever. I had to slow down; I tried skipping the basics. Soon as I went ALLL THE WAY back to the beginning it all started to make sense. Thank you so much for all of your hard work!

The Floogiel Trading Co. says:

I thank you for this video… Support and Resistance are critical components to becoming a successful trader! Keep up the great work…

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